Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I heart you...Vintage Amethyst...

( images from Vintage Amethyst)
while checking out some of my flickr pics and recent activity (btw...Vintage Amethyst~ thank you so much for stopping by my flickr and inviting me to your tea party group...i LOVE your simple yet beautiful style!!!), i stumbled on to this kindred spirit's website and blog Vintage Amethyst...simple yet absolutely beautiful!!! full of heart and soule...the products are simple yet shabby, French or rustic..absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Vintage Amethyst also has a Christmasy section called 'Noel' perfect for the holidays...or even stocking up for next year's Christmas season...please check this fabulous site and blog...you'll be smitten just as i have been!
anyway, Vintage Amethyst's blog mentioned a Cath Kidston Sew your own Christmas Stocking Contest...due TOMORROW 12/17/08...i just recently completed my Vintage Christmas Stocking and finally sent it to my sweet French sis, Rhonda and posted pics of it last week in flickr and here in my blog. well, what the heck...i went for it-not sure about the rules or if it's only for the UK etc but i sent my e-mail photo submission with my name and addy to Cath Kidston's headquarters anyway...go over here to find out more and enter your stockings!!! even if i don't have a chance...it was fun just entering...take a chance and run with it...who knows...what do you have to lose-at least we tried, right?!
Merci Beaucoup, Sweet Vintage Amethyst for whispering in our ears about this sweet contest...(i'm so happy to have found you!!!)
Bonne chance!!!!!!
xoxo jo ;)

(image from Cath Kidston)

(image from Cath Kidston)

(image from Cath Kidston )

ps...WOW!!! these past few days, i've been overwhelmed with packages and sweet presents from good-hearted soules...i am in the process of editing pictures of all the wonderful treats that sweet and kind hearts have been sending my way...esp. from Rhondamum (oh my sweet Rhonda...absolutely STUNNING!!! i LOVE everything-you're the SWEETEST French sis alive!!!), Elizabeth from Quest Twenty Eight (oh sweet Elizabeth...how you made me teary-eyed+totally warmed my heart...can you send me your snail addy? i'd like to properly thank you from the bottom of my HEART!), Sweet Marie artists (totally didn't have to...what a sweet surprise...love, love, love all my FRENCH signs, etc...simply magnifique!), my sister-Mary Ann and her SUNSHINE CLUB!!! (OMG...can you say i've been CRYING A RIVER for days...you've all poured so much love my way...totally caught me by SURPRISE...i'm totally OVERHWHELMED with utter gratefulness for the most BEAUTIFUL French Book made esp. for me-touched beyond WORDS...will treasure your genuine kindness for ETERNITY...i'm getting choked up again....... WOWOWOWOW...i'm utterly gushing with heartfelt gratitude for all of your kindness...i'm soooo touched beyond belief!!!
more to come soon...i promise...
xoxo jo ;)

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