Saturday, October 25, 2008

My October Loves

one of my October loves...

hope you're enjoying your weekend!

xoxo jo;)

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Gracie said...

OOOhhh that is so sweet! Love your graphics for this.
And thanks for the beautiful comment! It means so much to me when others like my creations =) Your comments are always lovely and sweet too! schedule...I don't really have anything that I'm doing at the moment just being creative in genera. So I'm good when you're ready. And I'm always looking for penpals. Well ones that I have things in common with =) lol But I definitely with you! Do u want me to write first? If you get address details you can email me at
That Coco Chanel movie looks wonderful! I will have to definitely check it out!!
Your pink itty bitty books are so cute! And for such a great cause. Plus your commissioned work wow! I'm sure the little girl will love it! Have a great day! xo