Saturday, February 21, 2009

She Dreamt of Paris...Rhondamum's Mon Amour de Toutes les Choses Francaises


so sorry i'm soooo late with this post but had camera issues + the kiddos & i were sick most of the week...just felt a wee bit better and finally fixed the camera and edited pics galore...
i wanted to join in the fun at sweet Rhondamum's 2 day French Love event Mon Amour de Toutes les Choses Francaises which happened this past February 16-17...she's so sweet + kind...she is leaving her 'mr. linky' up for anyone would like to add their love of the French pics/posts on her blog...boy am i lucky!

Rhonda has a very impressive collection of all things FRENCH...i mean a ton of gorgeous French lovelies!!! so many Eiffel Towers that would make you drool, so many Frenchness that you'd think you were in lie! she has such beautiful French items, she can have a French General type of store...i mean, seriously...sweet truly have an AMAZING collection!!! i love it all!!!

well, i don't have as much as Rhonda but i did surprise myself as i was putting my collection on the table for pics...i can't believe how much stuff i really have...i only like to display a few things at a time...the rest would all be in boxes...i know shame on me but i really don't like clutter and i really like plain + simple...i know it's hard to believe with all the stuff in this slideshow...but i only have a few French stuff displayed throughout the house...maybe if i had a room dedicated to my love of the French, i could properly display ALL my collection.
i absolutely love French music and have a nice collection of different type of French music, ranging from bossa nova, new French, jazzy French, old-time French, romantic name it...i also adore French Amelie (i still have to watch this!), chocolat, French Lietenaut's woman, etc.

i also found at an antique store a whole package of 'learn how to speak French' day i'd love to speak it fluently...

i started a flickr group about 'Sweet Marie-Pour l'amour du Francais' please go and check out the gorgeous eye candies that beautiful soules are adding to the's so inspirational and simply magnificent!

i also tend to participate in Frenchy type swaps like stinkbonejones aka Jaime's 'Let them eat cake' alter cake box swap (2008) and here

i also love to create with a French Flair...almost all my handmade creations have something Frenchy like...i think i'm psyching my soule + universe for a dream trip over to of these days i'll get there...i promised my lil' gal, Shioban a trip to Paris...maybe when she's a bit older...but for now, all i do is dream of Paris...

thank you, sweet Rhonda, for hosting this wonderful event! i loved visiting other kindred spirits and seeing their lovely collections and learning more about the French...
enjoy + bonne nuit...
xoxo jo ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

merci beaucoup le vendredi 5...Laura Ingalls Gunn

this sweet valentine present was from Laura Ingalls Gunn of . you must check her site out...i was very impressed that my secret admirer was someone famous...Laura specializes in one-day room makeovers as seen on HGTV...she also does real estate stagings, residential & commercial interior decorating...WOW!!! how LUCKY was i?!!!
Laura had me as a secret partner in my sis' secret admirer valentine heart box swap 2009 (also look here and here )
i'm sooo very sorry for my lateness in posting these pics...i had camera issues, plus have been under the weather with the lil' ones...but we're all trying to get through this cold + long these photos of Laura's goodies surely brightened our days! we loved all the sweet treats and all the pretty ephemera...i especially LOVED the vintagey toothpicks and the vintagey ring of what i think may look like a beautiful woman like 'Sweet Marie'...thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and made our Valentine's Day quite special!!! again, merci beaucoup, doux laura!
hoping everyone truly enjoyed their Valentine's Day!
bonne nuit
xoxo jo ;)