Monday, February 9, 2009

Pay it Forward...need 3 more...

if you like surprises and would like to receive something from me, please see this post.
i just need 3 more sweethearts to play "Pay it Forward" with me.
i have 365 days to send it...any takers?
(if you'd like to play, you have to agree to post this on your blog and find 3 of your readers to send a lil' something to them within 365 days and they in turn find 3 of their readers and so on...sounds easy, right?)
i'm hoping...
xoxo jo ;)

1 comment:

Gracie said...

I'm sure you will find some people who would love to do PIF with you.

I love the story with your photo. Sounds utterly romantic and fun! It's nice to go back and look at photos and remember.

Thanks for tagging me! Mine wasn't too long lol.

I hope you are having fun making Valentine's and things =)