Saturday, February 7, 2009

4th Folder...4th Picture...1st Tag!


this is my very 1st TAG from the gorgeous Erin Sledd of . Erin has a wonderful blog called popbaroque and an AMAZING Etsy Shoppe and she posted about this unique tag called "4th folder...4th picture" here.

you see, you have to go to your 4th folder (where you keep your photos) and post the 4th picture on your blog and explain what it's all about.
so excited that this was my very 1st tag...i love tags like get to know someone-really know what's in their unique...
i like that!

this photo was taken about 2 years (2007) ago on a very, very, cold January day + night. In fact it was a passionate weekend to celebrate my handsome husband and my 13th wedding anniversary...

he surprised me and took me to the "City" (Windy City-Chicago) and set up a romantic dinner at China Grill (Hard Rock Hotel's 4star Restaurant) . i had this delicious salad for an entree called 'Crackling Calamari.' it was simply delectable! mounds and mounds of calamari on a bed of seasoned was huge...just imagine a 3 foot mountain of mouthwatering calamari waiting to jump into a devouring pair of lips...mmmmmmmm!!! i was sooo stuffed that i only conquered 1/4 of the mountain...the rest went into a paper oragami doggie cute! then the chef was smitten that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary and asked my hubby what his favourite flavour was (of course he said 'chocolate') then that wonderful chef surprised us (on the house) with a magnificent platter of 13 different types of GORGEOUS and RAVESHINGLY delicious chocolate desserts-from chocolate flan, bittersweet chocolatey cake, cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, truffles to chocolate sesame balls (my favourite)!!! we were in HEAVEN!
next up, this rugged, all-american hubby of mine took me here to see the beautiful night-life sites, drink Champagne and danced the night away to sexy dance music & sweet slow tunes until 1am...

i was getting so tuckered out but he had one more suprise for me...
he took me here and said we have a reservation in one of the most beautiful rooms in the was one of the PENTHOUSE SUITES!!! i was completely floored and couldn't believe that he packed up a lil' suitcase for me and wisked me off to the 44-45th (i think?) floor to our own PENTHOUSE had 2 floors and the views were EXTREMELY DIVINE!!! this photo was taken when we woke up the next morning (day) and the adjoining pic. was taken the night (or you could say dawn) when we enjoyed every inch of every room, every floor...(wink, wink) the windows were particularly exciting as they were wall to wall glass (really chilly glass-hee-hee) overlooking Michigan be so high up and with the guy you absolutely PERFECT was that this photo holds dear to my heart as i will always treasure my husband's rare romantic streak (our 1st Valentine Day as boyfriend and girlfriend (now we're talking over 20 years ago-yikes!)...he gave me a purple lead pencil set...hmmm, how romatic, huh? he's come a long way from that, i'd say!)
and continuing love for me...even after all these years together...
thank you, Sweet Erin...for tagging me and reminding me of this sweet+sexy weekend (perfect for Valentine's Day!)-you're a SWEETHEART! pass the 'baton' to the 4 sweetiepies that i hope will play along and get to know you even more will be:

1) Mary Ann (of course, my big sis!)
2) Rhonda (my french sis!)
3) Gracie (my aussie sis!)
4) Josephine (a new san fran kindred sis!)
and i just couldn't resist two more other special hearts:
5) Lune (a sweet+simple kindred sis!)
6) Pia (an inspirational + phenomenal stylist+photographer-wishful-type-of-sis!)

hoping to see what's in your '4th folder...4th picture...' and what it'll reveal about YOU!
bonne nuit
xoxo jo ;)

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Erin Sledd said...

Oh, Jo—

This is magical! Wow!

What a beautiful post. What a wonderful, amazing thing for your husband to do. You are so blessed! you must make him very, very happy.