Friday, July 1, 2011

Parades, Fireworks, Stars+Stripes...oh my!

cheerleading camp. done!
my lil' gal is one jumpin, flyin' cheerleader to be...she loves all her flip-flops. all those gymnastic classes sure has helped her physically and mentally.

So proud of you, sweetie! until next year...GOOoooooooooo Shioban!

now, in a couple of hours, it'll be parade time over here. the munchkins are excited!

we're decorating their bikes with red, white + blue...this year they'll be able to enjoy some sparklers + snap poppers. my lil' guys are so cute.
they read the boxes of these lil' firecrackers and said:

i+s: "Guess what Mommy?"

j: "What is it munchkins?"

i+s: "It says not good for kids under 9. And guess what...we're the big 9!!!! Whoo-hoo! We get to touch these mini sparklers + poppin' thing-a-ma-jigs!"

j: " thinks I created 2 monsters..."

well, better get our sparklers on...we're heading to some friends house for some birthday celebration + early 4th of July partying!

i'll post photos of our weekend soon.
in the meantime...hope you have the best + safe 4th of July weekend!