Friday, July 1, 2011

Parades, Fireworks, Stars+Stripes...oh my!

cheerleading camp. done!
my lil' gal is one jumpin, flyin' cheerleader to be...she loves all her flip-flops. all those gymnastic classes sure has helped her physically and mentally.

So proud of you, sweetie! until next year...GOOoooooooooo Shioban!

now, in a couple of hours, it'll be parade time over here. the munchkins are excited!

we're decorating their bikes with red, white + blue...this year they'll be able to enjoy some sparklers + snap poppers. my lil' guys are so cute.
they read the boxes of these lil' firecrackers and said:

i+s: "Guess what Mommy?"

j: "What is it munchkins?"

i+s: "It says not good for kids under 9. And guess what...we're the big 9!!!! Whoo-hoo! We get to touch these mini sparklers + poppin' thing-a-ma-jigs!"

j: " thinks I created 2 monsters..."

well, better get our sparklers on...we're heading to some friends house for some birthday celebration + early 4th of July partying!

i'll post photos of our weekend soon.
in the meantime...hope you have the best + safe 4th of July weekend!


Robin said...

It's been a while since I have been by. So sorry...
I love your new very sweet.....
With our children grown and gone, Hubby and I spent a very quiet 4th. He bar-b-qued us some ribs and I mad up some side. We ate out on the porch and then headed off to our favorite local homemade ice cream shop. He chose a butterscotch malt and I had a good old fashioned ice cream sundae. We got back in the car and drove off with our treats to a favorite secluded spot and ate our treats and watched the fireworks.
Enjoy these years....they do go very fast.
Wishing you and yours a beautiful day....

Dam Ferreira said...

nice blog, very beautiful.

Labour of Love said...

Bonjour, Sweet Robin!!! Yes, how time flies...I totally understand how life is these days...I'm also sorry for not visiting your world as well...I haven't had much time for creating or visiting my dear kindred spirits...I will do my best in the coming days as school days are approaching quite soon to get back into my "creative groove."

How sweet to have your Hubby all to yourself these days...your 4th of July sounded absolutely perfect+romantic!!! I do miss the one on one time with my dh...but what would our lives be without our lil' munchkins...they're my world right now and I am doing my best to enjoy every second with them...I've just got to work on balancing everything and making time for "me," if you know what I mean...

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my world and leaving such beautiful thoughts...Happy August, Sweet Robin!!! Sending sweetness to you + your sweetheart! jo;)

Bonjour Dam Ferreira!
Thank you so very much for visiting my lil' world and sending such kindess my way all the way from your beautiful Brazil...I look forward to seeing your world through your eyes and can't wait to see your creative work!!!! jo;)