Sunday, June 5, 2011


summer has come early this year...record highs in the 90's for early June...but that's's a nice welcome after a long winter. it's also been such a stormy spring but i like the rain~just not tornados or hurricanes...with all the natural disasters going on in our world today, i think it's been affecting how people act in society. i mean, lots of stuff has been happening around my neck of the woods. kids almost done with school. it's been one rocky school year. no, not about their grades but about their social well-being. people can be strange. we've been dealing with crazy stuff this year. i don't like to bring negative karma to this lil' ol blog of mine but sometimes letting off steam can be a good thing.

just a simple question: why in the world can people be so weird?!

our lil' family is doing our best to maintain happiness amongst all the bs. no one can take our happiness away. here's a message to the negative person that's been bothering our family:

"hey you...yea you... the one that has been stalking and sending negative karma our's NOT WORKING!"
we're still here in this world and we're as happy as can be... here's to you my sweet lil' family...thank you for being you and being great troopers...i love you my sweet's to a great summer to come...exciting things will be happening for my munchkins...will post pics soon...until next time...enjoy the sweetness of SUMMER!


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