Monday, October 10, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail Love...

A sweet friend, Anastasia, wrote about this special event in FB. She is a beautiful artist and also loves letter writing and receiving mail from all over.
I instantly fell in love with this idea!

I love letter writing, receiving letters from pen-pals and just checking the mailbox for any sweet surprises from special hearts across the world. Call me old-fashioned. But whatever happened to sending mail through the postal service? In this fast, high-tech world, I think people have forgotten how to be civil to one another. I think the Etsy Creators have got a great idea.
Bringing people closer together by a simple surprise in the mail. I like it.
I'm participating in this event and I'm starting with a person that has been waiting for something from me for 3 whole years. I don't know where those years have gone. All I know is that LIFE got in the way (esp. with my Hubby deployed to the Middle East-life was hectic for sometime.) So, to get back into the groove, I'm preparing a lil' package to this special heart. They should receive it before Halloween. I'm determined to mail it this week. I'm getting everything ready and I'll post a quick picture of it before the week is out.

Check out 52 Weeks of Mail here for more info and check out the other FBers looking for pen-pals. Great way to connect!

Also, through FB, here is another Artist, Jenny, (The Modest Peacock) who writes a great post about how and why she's participating. She also gives out fab links to other places to connect with and find some great pen-pals!

If anyone would like to send me their snail addy (mail address), I would be happy to send mail from my lil' world to you. Just let me know your snail addy by sending me a quick e-mail at labourof_love at hotmail dot com or you could send me your blog link and I could contact you through your blog.
(Please no weird, stranger-danger types.
Just real, wholesome+good hearts, PLEASE!)

Looking forward to sending my lil' something to that special heart soon...
Hope you will join in the fun too!

Until next time... bonne nuit!



Gracie said...

Oh it was so good to hear from you Jo. I'm glad that you are participating and great minds do think alike :)

Receiving mail is one of my greatest joys in life so I would love to send you something too. I will email you my address right now :) xx

Labour of Love said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much, Gracie!!!! I really look forward to getting back into the blogging world...maybe this project will keep me on track and also help me find new hearts to stay connected with...I'll also send my addy to you too! Happy Tuesday (or is it Happy Wednesday in your part of the world?!) xoxo

Jenny said...

Hi, Jo! Thank you for such sweet comments and linking up! I'd love to visit you vicariously through your mail box. :) I'll email you right away! Thanks again for the Modest Peacock shout out. :)

Labour of Love said...

YAY!!! Thanks so much Sweet Jenny!!! You're so very welcome...I love all the links/info you shared with your readers...what a sweet blog you have! I also love family, photography and God...great combo qualities to have! Looking forward to sharing some of my world with you and this awesome experience with you too! Just sent my snail addy to you...Have a beautiful Tuesday! xoxo ;)

mimeta said...