Friday, September 12, 2008

Avertissement: Peut mettre un charme sur vous!

Remember my sweet French Sister, Rhonda , whispered into my ears about this fabulous Halloween Swap in blogland? You make 20 (in my case 17) lil' Halloween creation + goody. Then send it off to the host and she'll send back 20 (in my case 17) different lil' Halloween creation +'s like trick o' treatin' around the world...I LOVE this idea!
Well, I finally finished my Frenchy Halloween Creation for Rachel Whetzel's (creator of Fantasmagorique Halloween Swap 2008. Because this Swap is very popular, Chris Breecher of TallyScrapper
created Group 2 and I was very fortunate to make it into this group. (Boo-hoo, I won't be in the one with my sweet French sista, Rhonda...but we'll be together for the Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap -yayyyy!!!)

But, I've been feverishly working to complete this project for a week now. Saw at the Dollar Tree some neat blackbird lil' noggin's wheels started to grind... I started thinking about a mask, some crow feet, black+white and then I gathered all the materials several weeks ago to start creating...

...see what can happen from one lil' idea:

My version of a French Crow awaiting Hallow's Eve.
You see, it's called, "Ye Olde Crow Feet...Nutritional Snack...
Avertissement: Puet mettre un charme sur vous!"
(Translation: Warning: Can Put a Spell on You!)

I was lucky to find these cute blackbird crows at the Dollar Tree. I then found a pack of mason jars...bunches of black ribbon, white crepe paper, toothpicks, cocktail umbrellas (I spray painted black), silver pipe cleaners, white, black, silver glitter and white cardstock paper. And Viola...

Inside I packed in these goodies:

white + black jelly beans (crow's eyes)
black licorice (crow's feet) and
white chocolate covered pretzels (crow's heart)

I handmade the labels from the computer and cut it into this adorable rectangular shape:

now it's flying off to the East coast and hopefully it'll get to Chris' hands by Tuesday...all in one piece!
I LOVED creating this Halloween Treat and can't wait for the Special Delivery coming to my mailbox soon...Thank you Rachel and Chris for hosting such a FANTASMAGORIQUE Swap!!! (Looking forward to seeing what other art challenges you'll be posting in your group!)
Thank you, Rhonda, for being a sweet lil' birdie whispering sweet French 'good things' into my ears...

Je'taime xoxo jo ;)


Rhondamum said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE THIS! You did such an amazing job and I am SURE that your goodie will be everyone's favorite! I knew you would do a fab job!

I am finishing up mine now. I am bummed though, because I meant to tell you to make an extra and we would swap on our own. I have an extra that I can still send to you anyway, because I think you will love it. I will post about it soon!

Love you my dear French sister!


Gina2424 said...

These are so cool-really clever and looks like you spent a fortune! Even with Dollar Tree! Boy, people will be really happy with your swap! By the way, from where does your love of French come?

Labour of Love said...

thank you so much sweet Rhonda and sweet Gina for visiting and for your ultra sweet comments!!! i had so much fun creating these...i knew i wanted to do something with a mask and then i saw the was all mind just started daydreaming and then i doodled it...i still can't believe that my idea on paper came was such a high for you both can relate, right?!
Sweet Rhonda, what a great idea!i'm working on sending you one of my creations and a few lil' extra items... for sure you'll be getting my lil' package before Hallow's Eve...what did you make?!!! the suspense is killllllllling moi!!!! xoxo jo ;)
Sweet Gina, you are soooo may look like i spent a fortune, but in actuality it was only about $5.00 a creation...that was the best! to answer your question 'where does your love for the French come from...'... that is a very, very good question: you see, i was always enamoured with the French as a teen...i desperately wanted to take French in H.S. but was forced by my folks to take Spanish...then life, marriage, kids etc. buried my passions...but i've always loved berets, simple, classical French clothing style, black+white, and the simple country home french style...i've always LOVED bossa nova music and the French language...then when i entered myspace, my younger sis chose this bossa nova type of music for my space and well chanson de francaise took me by storm...i found several on-line radio stations that had a wide variety of french musicians, singers and then somehow my universe was aligned with everything French...the movie 'Marie Antoinette' came out, 'Amelie', 'Coco Chanel' then i started seeing more French stuff around stores + web like henri weiluc's french gals, Audrey Hepburn, eiffel towers, fleur dis lis...then i started searching for French blogs and found so many kindred you and Rhonda...and so many other sweet French soules...and here i am...(maybe i was a French gal in a past life...not sure...)but i simply want to breathe in the lettering/fonts, illustrations, interiors of the simple French life...oh i could go on...but thank you so much for your it's my did you become a French lover?! xoxo jo ;)

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