Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Put a Spell on You...Fantasmagorique Halloween Swap 2008

Perfect song for my French Creation...thank you Nina Simone...souleful + inspirational. See below post for more info on this FANTABULOUS Halloween Swap hosted by Rachel Whetzel and Chris Breecher of TallyScrapper

xoxo jo ;)


Gracie said...

Hey Jo

I love your blog! It's Gracie from Myspace and from Flickr =)

I'm so glad you decided to start a blog so now I can read about your crafty endeavours.

I will be sure to come here often.

Gracie xo

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, sweet gracie!!!! thank you so much for finding me and visiting my new blog...your kind and sweet comments made my day (ok, night)!!!!! you truly have been one busy lil' goodness...visiting our homeland, creating such beauty, graduating, all of your projects, swaps,'re a one working lean machine...i wish i could have half of your energy...oh to be 23 again...thank you for sharing Polyvore's site with us...i was always wondering how blogosphere peeps created such beautiful sets...esp. one of my fav peeps, Ez @ Creature Comforts...her photos are simply you...i agree with miss should be a graphic designer (and maybe sweet Christmas gal on your spare time) cuz' your sets are pretty FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! i went and tried it sure is addictive...just wish i had more time to play...
i am adding you on to my daily favs because you are one inspiring lil' lady with a heart of gold! i'll be coming over more often to see what your next exciting adventure will be...thanks for finding me! xoxo jo ;)