Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet Kindness...Photojoy...Dionne's Summerly Swap Treasures...

(warning: you might be here awhile...this is a very, very long post with tons of pictures...i do apologize in advance... ;) )

what do you think about when you hear the word 'summer?'

i think about hot,sunny+carefree days, dreamy, loungy days+nights, fresh linen, cool breezes, sandy beaches, seashells and having endless fun with family + friends...

a couple of weeks ago, i was so lucky to be a part of Dionne's Summerly Swap and here. Dionne is soooo super sweet and i love her blog, pics and refreshing and always has such interesting posts...her travels, her fascinating inquiries about life + just inspires so many hearts, including mine! that's why i was so excited about participating in her swaps (this happens to be her 2nd swap that's she's hosting) because she has so many creative soules following her...she pairs you up with wonderful hearts locally + internationally...i adore connecting with kindred spirits, don't you? you can learn so much from so many's really quite amazing this world-wide web...

my partner this time is Photojoy . she is another sweetheart all the way from Japan...she is an artist, photographer, mother, wife, daughter...and such a creative soule! below is what i sent to her...i wanted to send things that can bring joy during these summer months...

remember this they are all wrapped up...

this is a lil' journal i made with some samples of my creations...photographs on postcards, artwork that i've been working on and i also wrote a lil' letter on some of the postcards for Photojoy...i LOVE the saying on the cover: 'Dream...Delight in the little things...'

made a couple of pockets so she could put some of her dreams in there...

this is an extra fabric teacup card that i made for my sis', Mary Ann 's ittybitty teacup book swap here and here. my darlin' sis gave me 2 yards of this fabulous teacup fabric...ooooh and i just love the colours-pink, brown and mint green...embellished with some glitter, paper cupcakes and a Pink Eiffel Tower...hence, this artwork titled: 'Paris in a Cup'...
(must post pics on this day...soon, i hope!)
then i just added some of my favourite tea packs (earl grey and since it's summer...taste of summer...mmmm!)

some pretty stationary and some extra postcards of my photographs...

here are other things i added to the box:
~a print of my 'Sweet Sentiment Tag Swap' creation called 'Fifi Flambé' (my illustration of a lil' French gal in response to one of my favourite sentiments (quotes) (one of these days i will post pics of that cute tag swap...if there were only more time in the day lol!):

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous must set yourself on FIRE!"
by: Arnold H. Glasgow
~a lilyflower for the bath (i believe you place it in the tub and it releases soothing fragrances
~summer magazines to dream a bit...
~chocolate covered sunflower seeds
~a beautiful journal...painting of a sweet bird and Asian pot+tree
~a secret garden candle-to fill the senses with inspirational dreams
~water colour painting how-to-book (Photojoy mentioned that she wanted to try this form of art one day)

~a pretty tan lacy cotton pj set... this is the loungy part of summer-y'know...
wearing light+refreshing pjs all day+night long...
that's what started the whole idea for finding treasures for sweet Photojoy...
i saw this adorable lil' number, fell in love with it and everything fell into place!

~and i made one of my very own designs- a custom paper eiffel tower box so she could dream more about the City of Love and fill the box with even more dreams...i filled it with loads of some of my personal stash of embellishments (tags, buttons, ribbons etc.) for her creative endeavors...

i have received several e-mails from Photojoy and she has so kindly mentioned me not once but 3 times!!! on her blog about our swap... that truly touches me that i made her smile...that is why i participate in these connect to kindred spirits and make hearts smile! i'm so happy you loved it's always so worth it when you've made a heart smile...

NOW...drum roll please....

here is the sweet treasures Photojoy sent to me all the way from JAPAN!!!

how lucky am i?! everything is simply beautiful, lovingly made and so heartfelt!!!

look at all the sweet goodies Photojoy sent to me...

~i simply can't get over the all the beautiful handmade origami...(this is one of my FAVOURITES!!!
i have strung them all on a beautiful ribbon and it is now being proudly displayed in my sunny breezeway-
where all can see and simply adore in awe!)
~absolutely beautiful handmade basket made by Photojoy's own loving hands
(another favourite-i can't wait to use it in my studio to house some of my art supplies...)
~simply gorgeous fabric ring
(fantastically unique + utterly charming...i can't wait to wear it every where!)
~handmade trinket box with sweet cherry blossom illustration (the colours are simply the sweetest!) filled with delicious candies and Japanese Tea (can't wait to have a warm cuppa tea- +dream...)
~delicious Japanese candies, cookies, crackers
(oh boy, were we (esp. my lil' munchkins) devouring with delight)
~Japanese stickers with the cutest illustrations (how sweet is Photojoy for even thinking of getting sweet treasures for my lil' munchkins...that is the sweetest and most thoughtful gesture a kind soule could ever do!)
~beautiful Japanese cloths
~cute Japanese Key Chain
~Japanese bunny doll in full Geisha attire (slippers and all ;)) and...
~a creative photocard of Photojoy's work with a very special message for me!

(would never make it as a hand model...but that ring is absolutely divine!)

(too cute for words!)

just love how these paper lovelies hang so sweetly in my just adds so much summer lovin...the colours are fabulous!

(the lil' fabric ring came in the clever...great use of materials...the design of the ring is fantastic!)

what a charming this unique ring!
(this photocard is gorgeous!-such talent!)

(this basket is so well made...perfect to house some of my art supplies...such loving hands that made this gorgeous creation! i can't believe this was your first basket,'re a PRO!!!)

(even the cloth is simply too darling!)

beautiful box and the illustrations are amazing! can't wait to have a cuppa tea with this new flavour!





thank you so very much, Sweet Photojoy! i truly can't thank you enough for sending this absolutely sweet package for me+my family...everything was PERFECT, esp. what a nice touch, as it arrived a day before my b-day (06.24) truly made it quite special!!!
i love everything and i truly loved capturing the beauty of each of your sweet treasures
...what a beautiful b-day it was!
THANK YOU so very, very much for taking the time to find me special items and being so thoughtful by sending sweet + adorable things even for my kiddies!!! it brought some great memories back for my dh and you were such a wonderful hit in our household...
PS. thank you so very much for posting pics and blogging about our swap...that truly meant a lot to me and you've warmed my heart and touched my soule! i do apologize for the delay in posting and blogging about your sweet treasures you sent to me...being out of town and not having enough hours in the day is to blame. i hope you enjoy the cajillion pics i took...i LOVED taking the origami pics...simply too sweet!
thank you also for being one of the best partners i've ever had!
until next time...
bonne nuit...
xoxo jo;)


Dionne said...

What beautiful treasures you both received and sent! Wow! I love each part of both your packages!

I love the tags you made and tht gorgeous Eiffel Tower!

And then those origami cranes are sooo lovely, and I love the basket Photojoy made!

photojoy said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see all those pictures taken so beatifully by Jo. I should have taken pictures of your goodies more nicely. Your arrangement of goodies are really something. I really have more to say about our swap surprises---really something so magic! Gee, I need more time to explain in English. I'll leave it for the evening. I just wanted to say now "Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed being a swap parter with you.
And Dionne, you have such a wonderful talent to make everybody around you friedns. Especially it measn something special that you made me Jo's parter. I'll tell you later. hehe I've got to go now.
Have a nice day, everyone.

photojoy said...

Before I leave you, one more thing---Jo,thank you for leavening many comments and sweet words. Wow, I'm flying high!

Gracie said...

Ohh Jo that package you sent was so absolutely beautiful! It is full of so much love and creativity. You truly make the most beautiful things. And the packaging is just gorgeous! And what you received is so absolutely wonderful! That is the most fantastic feeling giving!
These swaps are great! I must participate one day =)

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