Thursday, July 29, 2010


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i'm feeling it.
are you?
lucky that is...
woke up feeling lucky.
lucky to be in love with my best friend.
lucky to be the mother of my 3 lil' miracles.
lucky to be here~enjoying another sweet day so freely given to us.
i'm going to make it count. it's already proving to be a busy morning.
but, y'know what, i'm making a promise to my munchkins that i'm
totally going to make time for them even in the midst of chaos.

how 'bout you...feeling lucky today?

ps. totally dig jason mraz + colbie calliat. i know what they mean about being
'lucky to be in love with my best world is spinnin'...' because of
YOU...yeah, you...
i think you know who you are...

bonne chance...


Dionne said...

So true. We are so blessed!

Labour of Love said...

thanks so much, Sweet Dionne!!! it's amazing how we're so fortunate to enjoy these days with our loved ones...doing my best to make each day count...xoxo