Thursday, January 20, 2011

January~a new beginning...

*Package of Love to Dionne~ PIF + Bday gifts
Happy New Year!
Hoping everyone enjoyed all of the sweet Holiday Season in 2010.

A lot has happened since my last post.

I'll try to post some pics soon.

2011 has already been hopping with events:
  • 1/1-brought in the new year @ home (pics to come)
  • 1/3-sent a kindred spirit (Dionne) an overdue package of love* (see above pic)
  • 1/3-spent time w/ my sweet family @ Chicago's History Museum (pics to come)
  • 1/7-wow...celebrated 17 beautiful years of wedded bliss with my sweetheart (actually we'll be going somewhere nice 1/29~more later)
  • 1/8-my dear folks celebrated 45 years of wedded bliss (pics to come)
  • 1/1-1/14-my family + I fevorishly worked on our Sketchbook Project journals
  • 1/15-hosted a brunch @ my house for my niece+nephew's 1st Holy Communion (pics to come)
  • 1/22-hosting another brunch @ my folks house for my Pop's 70th + sweet niece's 14th birthday
  • 1/29-attending a Winter Whirl event celebrate my Pop's 70th and me + my sweetheart's 17th wedding anniversary...
  • working on decluttering studio + home
  • working on upcoming art projects
  • working on self-improvement projects

    This is a brand new year and I'd like to update this journal of mine a little bit more often. I'd like to discover new artists/blogs and continue to become inspired. I'd like to continue to improve myself. I'd like to enjoy more of life. I'd like to capture more beauty in different ways. I'd like to start something exciting...this is a new year, a new beginning...

Welcome I come, ready or not...

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