Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd attempt to post: Easter, Bunnies, Eggs...oh my...

blogger had issues last week. they made a general statement of apology + promised restoration of lost data. however, my posts/comments/pics haven't been recovered. i haven't heard from blogger and rather than waiting for my prayers to be answered, i will try to remember what i posted and do my best restoring my 5/12/11 post (i apologize in advance for being redunant in posting my Easter happenings...please bear with me...):

After Easter Sunday Mass, my lil' munchkins were ready to get down and gritty for the Egg Hunting...but of course, i had to get my annual Easter outfit are my lil' princess+prince:

such a pretty lil' princess! i wish designers can create a lil' number like this one in my the classic look + the robin egg blue colour is stunning... (this lil' number came from TJ MAXX)

oops...i think my lil' prince is growing like a weed...i've got to let out the jacket +'re growing too tall, sweetie...
but you sure look handsome!

my beautiful mom + her grandkiddos...such a sweet pic!

i really love this gorgeous headband from Ulta. Fit for a princess...worth every penny for her an early b-day present.

here's my lovely family...sweet Angel Sinead is smiling down on us...miss you, sweetpea!

been busy designing my lil' sis' new bakery website. Gail, is quite the avid baker. One day she'd like to own her own brick+morter shoppe...but in the meantime, she's made 1000's of cuppies+baked goodies. i've been capturing a bunch of her work on film + love capturing her delectable treats + styling them for photo shoots...i love still-shots + graphic design...wish i could turn back time + majored in that in college...

now, off to our Egg Hunting Festivities:
here's Shioban enjoying some of the cute things she found in her Easter Basket...

Ian just couldn't wait to get out of that suit...
here they are with their loot:

my Pop+Mom came over to have Easter Brunch with us. My Pop made his delicious Pork Butt Roast and scrumptious Chicken Wings. i attempted to make this ham with pineapples, cherries and cloves. it looked gorgeous but i wasn't impressed with the taste. the family liked it but i like it to be more juicy with loads of carmelized flavour...

here's Ian teaching Shioban how to use their new "Twistable Crayolas," my lil' artists-to-be!
both the kiddos are such hams! Shioban looked at me and said, "Hey, Mommy...did you get us these baskets or did the Easter Bunny give these to us..." thinks this is the last year of them believing in the Easter Bunnies, tooth fairies, Leprechuans, name it...well it was a good 9 year run, huh?

the Easter Egg Hunt was a blast! they never get tired of finding treasures, that's for sure!
i think counting their loot is the best part of the hunt.i made these Easter Peep wreaths...i wanted to hang them on our 2 front doors but the doors have a southern exposure and the sun would just have a field day with all that marshmellow and then the ants would start marching on in...
we also made Easter Eggs...we forgot a few in the colour wash and when we took them out, they turned out to be absolutely darling! isn't it cool that a mistake can be so neat?

amazing colour, huh?! sometimes mistakes are a good thing!

well, that was our fun-filled Easter Weekend. hope it was 'hopping' for you too!

(let's hope this post sticks around awhile...)

bon temps!


Dionne said...

Oh my goodness! I want to spend Easter at your place - how lovely! And I LOVE your daughter's easter dress. How special!

Labour of Love said...

Hi, Sweet Dionne! Thanks so much~it was a beautiful day!...yes, isn't her dress gorgeous?! Sometimes, I wish I could be a kid again...but then again, being a grown-up isn't too bad...right?!