Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost~where did it go?!

this is what i've been asking myself all day today...where did my Post of May 12, 2011 go to?
One day, it was here. Then the next, gone!
I understand that Blogger had some malfunctions the last couple of days but why did my post (and i found out others have lost their posts/pictures/even some of their blogs too)
i know that some bloggers know what i mean when i say that blogging takes time. uploading pictures take time. finding the right words take time. typing takes time. so then why in the world would a post go missing?
i wrote to Blogger asking them to restore my post+pics of that missing day.
does anyone even read those inquiries? will anyone listen and restore lost information?
so frustrating. so time-consuming. is it worth uploading the many photos that took forever to get on that post? can i remember what i actually said on each picture?

that's Friday the 13th for you...well, i'm too tired to redo everything Blogger...
thanks for adding more frustrations in our lives this weekend...
will catch some zzzzs and see if i could remember what i wrote that day...
have a good one...
bonne nuit

{May 14, 2011:
ok, now some of my comments from other posts have disappeared...i.e. May 2, 2011...i used to have 9 it's down to 7......are all my posts, comments, pictures slowly disappearing? is this a sign to CHANGE back to WORDPRESS or start a TYPEPAD account?????????? am i in the twilight zone?!!!!!}


*mAki* said...

I know that all of Blogger had this problem!! Don't you hate it? I'd never heard anything like it on Blogger... :( Well, at least you're back on!

Labour of Love said...

Hi, Sweet Maki! I know blogger had issues but that was ugly...I do hate it! But you're so least I'm able to are you today? Any cool things you'll be doing this week with your lil' ones? Hug the Warm Sun for me! xoxo