Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2nd annual Apothe'SCARY' swap...

(image courtesy of Rachel Whetzel )

my ever so sweet French sister, Rhonda has sent me a wonderful link to a Halloween Swap hosted by Rachel Whetzel . Group 1 is totally FULL but she is opening Group 2 at Tally Scrapper there's only 5 more spots left. it's a really unique swap where you have to make 20 Halloween-French themed art to either house your treats or not. you'll get 20 different types of Halloween-French inspired art + that's some kind of 'trick o' treatin' ' i just found out that there was room for me in Group 2...yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! thank you so very much Chris for adding me on to Group 2's list-you're the BEST!!!
...looking forward to creating something sweet for the group!
i'm not familiar with Tally Scrapper but joined in to find out more about them... my love of paper and art challenges seem to be a running theme over there...i look forward to finding out more about this neat place for creative genuises!
so go over to Rachel's blog and i'll guarantee you'll surely get into the Halloween spirit...
merci beaucoup, sweet Rhonda, for whispering sweet French things in my're so GOOD to me and i heart you soooo !!!!!!!!
xoxo jo ;)


rachel whetzel said...

I'm so glad you made it into a group!! NEXT year, I plan to host multiple groups, and hope that we'll continue to GROW as we have this year!! Almost 40 participants!! Can you BELIEVE that!?!?

Labour of Love said...

Hi, Rachel!!! Wow, I'm so honoured that you've graced my page with your sweet presence...your Halloween Swap Theme is FANTASTIC! I adore what you've made and wish I was getting one of those adorable lil' guys! BUT...I truly am the luckiest gal to get into Group #2...thank goodness for Chris hosting the second one...this swap is so UNIQUE and I can't wait to send off my lil' creation to the group...YES...I can believe that your group has grown because it's one FANTABULOUS group!!!!!! Thanks so much for hosting and can't wait to see what everyone is creating...will there be a flickr group to showcase your swap's creations?! Looking forward to seeing more of the beauty you create! xoxo jo ;)