Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ian my Deere...

while shioban came with me to catch the 'flea' bug,
ian went with daddy
down to the spend some time with
grampy + grammy...
he had a fab time!
saw a 'zebdon' + some newborn pups...what's a 'zebdon?!'
you're probably wondering...
can you quess?!
~sweet dreams~
xoxo jo ;)


Jane said...

I don't think he could be cuter!! that grin is so adorable!!

craftyhala said...

It's a zebra-donkey mix. Am I correct? If I am, what fun to see one.

Labour of Love said...

yea, craftyhala!!!!!!! you're correctomundo!!!!!!!! i wish my deere hubby took a pic of that...that would've been neat to see...send me your snail addy and you're gonna get a surprise from moi! thanks for guessing and visiting my blog! xoxo jo ;)

thanks, jane for your sweet comment...ian sure does have the sweetest grin! xoxo jo ;)