Friday, March 13, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire, la Maman Douce !

Joyeux Anniversaire, la Maman Douce !
hoping you had a beautiful day...looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at your favourite restaurant in are the most beautiful mother anyone can ever have and i'm one of the lucky ones to have you in my life...thank you for giving birth to me, working with poppy all these years to provide for all five of came to the States with 2 lil' ones, a nursing degree, no $ and not knowing what lies ahead for your family in this new world...but you and pop never ever gave kept working harder, sacrificing so much, living such a modest life so your lil' ones can have a better opportunity than what you had back in the Philippines...thank you so much for your perserverance, for becoming a nurse, for taking a risk with your new family by coming to the States, for taking that leap into the unknow, for teaching us love, devout faith in our God, for your unconditional love...for being the best mom (parent) in a new world, for loving your grandchildren, for just being YOU...Happy Birthday, Sweet Mom...WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!
Mahal Kita...Je t'aime...your loving 2nd daughter, jo ;) xoxoxoxo


viva la cottage said...

Hi Jo,
I don't know if you remember me, but you visited me in Door County last year at Viva la Cottage. I have visited you blog often, and wanted you to know that I was so inspired by yours that I put up my own. I really don't like my website... for obvious reasons, and have been having a wonderful time blogging. So much more control as well as intimacy. Thanks for you kind and supportive words when you were here. Visit me when you can at

Labour of Love said...

Bonjour, Angie! Oh, how can anyone ever forget you and your gorgeous shoppe in Door County?!!! My sister, Mary Ann, my lil' gal Shioban + me were simply smitten with your cottage and all of your magnificent rooms filled to the brim with sweetness!!! Infact, somewhere amongst my picture cds are pictures of your beautiful shoppe! I apologize profusely for not posting those pics...Life got in the way and I haven't had the chance to post them...but one of these days, I promise I will show off your spectacular shoppe! In the meantime, I will make sure to write a post on my blog and spread the news about your unique 'Project Challenge and PRIZE' event and get the word out about you, your shoppe and your challenge+prize...I already know of some special people that would probably LOVE to join in and create something fantastic!
Thank you so very much for visiting, for your sweet comments and remembering's an honour that you grace my page and I truly look forward to seeing more of the beauty you're sharing/creating at your shoppe! Hope you're enjoying some Springlike weather!!! xo Jo ;)
(PS...I LOVE your website...I put your shoppe link already when I first started this blog... I had no idea you started a blog...thanks for the heads up...LOVE the music on your blog, all of the eye-candy pics and your wonderful posts of your sweet adventures-simply CHARMING!!!)

josephine said...

hope your mom has a wonderful birthday! xx

Labour of Love said...

thank you so much, Josephine! i really believe she did...we've had a lot of tension in our family the last few years and my pop brought 80% of his children to sit down at a meal without any mishaps...i think it made my mom very happy to see 3 of her kids, most of her grandkids and inlaws all getting along for several hours-even laughing...wooooa, which has been long in the waiting...
y'know...putting our differences aside to make my mom's heart leap was so worth it! thank you for your sweet thoughtfulness! xoxo jo ;)

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