Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Viva La Cottage, VIntage Hat Creative Challenge...

Viva La Cottage, Door County, WI
last summer, my dear mom, sweet sis, Mary Ann, and my adorable lil' munchkins ventured off to the magical place of Door County, was a splendid holiday and from my sis' last discovery and our newest discoveries, we found so many gorgeous of those amazing shoppes was called Viva La Cottage created by the everso charming entrepenuer, Angie McMahon. from the long winding road and through the deep green foresty trees you could see this charming lil' cottage oozing with delightful sweetness! of course, i took loads and loads of pictures but because life took us for whirl this past year...i haven't been able to download these amazing pictures of Angie's shoppe.
last week, this creative and amazing kindred spirit visited my blog and left such a sweet sentiment for me...i can't believe that she remembered me, my sis, + my lil' family. how small is this world, really...i was ecstatic to hear from her and read up on her pretty blog...
(image courtesy of Angie-VivaLaCottage )
this picture is probably outside of her gorgeous cottage shoppe and around her magnificent this capture of spring!

Well, it so happens that Angie is having a Creative Project Challenge at her blog. Please go and'll see some pretty lovely things!
(image from Angie-VivaLaCottage )
she created this beautiful piece:
(images courtesy of Angie of VivaLaCottage )
from a vintagey type hat...and took it's embellishments and adorned these glass bottles.
what you have to do is take a vintage hat and create something pretty with it or it's embellishments. see how Angie just took her hat's embells and glamed up those clear creative and sweet are those?
here's what she wrote on her post about this creative challenge:
"So here's the challenge.
Send me a picture of the hat you're using and then the final product.
The most creative and inspiring will win a gift from me.
When the winner is announced, I will post the prize. Submit your information by April 1st and the winner will be announced April 5th. "

feeling like you could meet that challenge and
want to get even more into the SPRING FEVER ITCH...
well, you've about 2 weeks or 14 days more days to think of something sweet + unique...! whatta ya got to lose? if i can find a hat...maybe i could play along...
time to go ANTIQUING!
Happy Creating!
Bonne Nuit...
xoxo jo ;)
( of these days...when time seems to be on my side for a bit...i will post those amazing pics from Angie's shoppe...simply DIVINE!)
go check it out...and smile...


Dionne said...

Oh are store in a cottage?! How cute! I want to go! And her little glass bottles are so pretty!

I am off to go check out her site!

Labour of Love said... was so after room of pure sweetness! one of these days will have to showcase this was incredible...maybe this weekend i'll be able to visit an antique shoppe and find something to create with...crossing my fingers...xo jo ;)

Angie said...

Jo, thanks so much for you very kind words!