Thursday, March 12, 2009

Springtime Swap...City of Dionne

(image from City of Dionne )

isn't the above illustration just lovely?! my sis, Mary Ann, just discovered this beautiful blog because of this very image...we both adore illustrators and pretty drawings just like this! it just so happens that a very talented and creative artist, Dionne, created this birdcage illustration for her very 1st time swap. it's all about spring and what perfect timing...we all truly want spring to come and joining in on this swap would totally banish the wintery blues, right?! please visit Dionne's beautiful blog City of Dionne. she has unique photo layouts, fantastic illustrations, wonderful posts and an array of creative+kindred spirits on her blogroll...i'm truly enjoying Dionne's adorable world and finding more creative soules to connect with. Dionne is also opening up a shop soon...can't wait to see the beauty she'll be creating and sharing with all of us...

so, if you'd like to join in on the springtime more about her springtime swap here . The deadline for swap sign-ups is Monday, March 16. On Tuesday the 17th, Dionne will announce the partners. They will be randomly selected through

let's break the wintery blues up and welcome Spring Fever with open arms...

bonne nuit
xoxo jo ;)


Dionne said...

Oh, thanks for this post! I am blushing about your kind words.

I am really excited about this swap! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Gracie said...

Aww that's a really sweet illustration. Too bad it's moving into autumn here. Weather wise it's still warm but it has cooled down at night and early morning.

I hope you are you're family are well and that your not feeling so blue. It's difficult isn't it?

And the Coraline movie I want to watch when it gets here, though I can see why it was quite scary for the little ones.

Just to let you know I am still working away on the PIF =)

Labour of Love said...

me too, Dionne!!! you're so lucky my sis found you-you truly are a heart after my own! my partner seems to be the sweetest gal w/mesmerizing eyes...can't wait to get to know her and start on our swap...looking forward to this BIGTIME!

Oh, Gracie...i LOVED the visual effects of CORALINE, her cutesy image, her blue hair, her clothes...but some of the storyline was a bit too much for my lil' ones...but for me it was FANTASTIC! hope you get to see it with your honey or even a bunch of your sweetheart galpals...hangin' in there during this nation's blue lil ones, my dh, creating, sharing and discovering sweet soules like you, Dionne, my sis and all those hearts that step into my world over here are what keeps me't worry about the PIF...take your time...i love SURPRISES! your new endeavors!!! xoxo jo ;)