Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweetness...Mother's Day-EVERYDAY...Annabelle's

(perpetual calander purchased from Annabelle's and here, Beloit, WI)

Where is this month going?!

sorry for the abscence. a lot's been going on. i don't know how my favourite on-line journal owners do interesting words and or delicious photos everyday, that is. i need to work on that big time...

hoping all my dear family, friends & kindred spirits who are mom's enjoyed a sweet day.
but don't you think that EVERYDAY is 'Mother's Day?'

woke up to my dh's clamouring of pots&pans early in the morning. the lil' ones and my dh were making me a beautiful breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, chocolate-covered strawberries+bananas, juicy grapes+melons, lil' chocolate mini-cupcakes+mini-chocolate chip muffins and toasted French loaves...mmmmm!

we then went to early mass and afterwards visited our sweet Angel Sinead...wished she was here with us...that would just make my Mother's Day absolutely perfect but we all know that Sinead is in a better place and is looking down on us...dh + the kiddos also made me a fantastic dinner of ribs, peas/corn, rice + French loaves...simply DIVINE! my hubby can sure grill mean+delectable ribs...oh...i was going nutz+boltz... then after dinner, we took a family bike ride to my sis' house and hung out playing wii...simply a gorgeous day and beautiful memories were made.

speaking of gorgeousness...
this past spring break...the lil' munchkins and i visited my sis,
Mary ann. i finally had the chance to visit her sweet + beautiful friend, CJ's, adorable French shoppe called Annabelle's...what a gorgeous shoppe CJ owns...i swooned at the very sight of that humongus eiffel tower picture behind the counter...i also was silently screaming with delight at every single sweet corner...this shoppe was truly filled to the brim with utter sweetness...CJ was a doll (and so was her very HANDSOME son, Matt-who helps manages the shoppe-btw...he's not attached and well...if you know what i mean!) CJ was wonderful and let me take some shots of her shoppe...simply BEAUTIFUL!

she also started her adventures into blogland and has been posting some wonderful stories about her shoppe and her dreams...please do visit her blog + website + brick+mortar shoppe in Beloit, will surely love everything you see...CJ's shoppe is INCREDIBLE!

i adore this! the mannequin + pink gown...ahhh soooo tres jolie!

blue + brown=gorgeous!


Gorgeous CJ and her right-hand guy, of her handsome sons...

loving this shoppe!

i heart this poster!

spring has sprung at Annabelle's!

is there ever enough time?

hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Annabelle's! please visit CJ's newest blog and shoppe...simply irresistable!
bonne nuit...
xoxo jo ;)
(ps. received a wonderful award from Robin'sbluenest-merci beaucoup, sweet Robin!...will post soon as well as our Earth Day, Giveaway, Easter. the munchkin's 7th b-day, projects...whew...will play catchup soon!)


Nerissa Alford said...

What a wonderful post! Sounds like you enjoyed your Mother's day :)

Dionne said...

I am glad that you had a lovely Mother's Day - you soooo deserve it! I am happy that you have a family that appreciates you!

And that shop looks GORGEOUS! Really lovely! What pretty things!

Dionne said...

Just wanted to stop in and say I've missed you in blogland!!!

Labour of Love said...

merci beaucoup Sweet Nerissa and Sweet Dionne!

yes, Mom's Day was simply beautiful! hoping yours was filled with love and beautiful memories...are you still in the States or have you already gone abroad? praying for your safe journey and a very good life over there...

my Sweet are soooo very kind and thoughtful to send such love my way...i also miss you and all the lovely hearts here in blogland...i do apologize for not visiting you (and the other sweethearts) but tons of projects, commissioned works and my lil' munchkins have taken so much of my time these days...i am feverishly trying to update this lil' blog of mine...but everytime i'd like to sit and post...something always needs my attention...i haven't forgotten about my lil' promise to's also in the works...please forgive me and i'll definitely stop by and see what's happening with your so many sweet things are just sprouting in your world...can't wait to sit, relax and dream with you...thank you again for always stopping by and sending sweet love my way-you always warm my heart!

xoxo jo;)

Kristin said...

So many divine things. Fabulous post! Oh that pretty in pink bike.