Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks for coming...Tea/Playdate party

invitations i made for the lil' ones' 7th tea/playdate party.
we wanted to celebrate the kids' b-days with a very low-key event-spent with their friends. a no-gift policy...just a couple of buddies gave my lil' ones very sweet goodies...not too much-just right (books, educational stuff, markers, artist tools,)!
it was sweet + intimate. i'm liking smaller can truly enjoy them more!
i didn't take pics of the place settings...bummer. trust me it was sooo cute. even the lil' boys dug it. most of the decos, plate wares etc. were all from the $ store.
lovin' that store!
the menu was truly kid hotdogs, chicken rings, mini fruit kabobs, cookies and cupcakes...fruit punch (sugar free!)
lots of games were played...musical spot (didn't have enough lil' chairs-so improvised...really cute!), relay race while holding spoon and lil' ball and FreezeFrame...the kiddies enjoyed
themselves to the fullest.

here are the boyz in the hood...

here are the lil' divas with their special dollie/friend...
it was a very cute party...thank you to all those who've helped!

totally had a wonderful time...looking forward to next year's b-day celebration of life...
bonne nuit
xoxo jo;)


Dionne said...

OH my gosh, how cute are all those little kidlets! I am glad it was a fun time.

Gracie said...

What a great idea?! Sometimes the simple things like books, art supplies etc are the best to cultivate their minds and creativity.

They look so sweet and and so happy!