Friday, August 20, 2010


how many times do you say to yourself that you just can't do it?
seeing my lil' ones explore their inner 'superheros' is quite inspirational.
my lil' guy took that picture of his ironman toy.
he just picked up my camera, pointed and shoot.
the outcome: a sweet lil' picture of one awesome superhero.
look how he's trying to make a basket. he's doing his best.
my peanut is doing a straight cartwheel on a beam.
from being 1.5 oz premie bebes, this is one obstacle i never dreamed my lil' ones would accomplish.
that's hope and faith for you.
each day my munchkins are trying out new things.
we're so fortunate that my sweet courageous husband is working so hard to provide for us.
that's what we'd like to give our children~opportunities.
chances to do things.
chances to find out what they love.
who they'll want to become.
my folks started this for me by coming to the US to start a new life.
and i am truly grateful.
but, there just wasn't enough $+time to really explore my passions back then.
at least i'm doing my best now.
that's what we're doing right now for our kids.
another step in the right direction.
these are my heros.
ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
a good reminder for me to keep on...
have a fantabulous + sweet weekend!!!
bons temps

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