Friday, August 13, 2010


yesterday was one scorcher of a day.
people were cranky. continuous unpleasantry was going full force.
but one flash of the past, reminded me about another scorcher of a day, 8 years ago.
August 12, 2002.
that was my "due date."
things happened beyond our control.
a window was opened (metaphorically).
my sweet husband + i were blessed with 3 little miracles.
1 had to go back home to heaven and became our very own sweet angel.
2 became angels on earth.
those 2 lil' ones came home on their due date...August 12th, 2002,
it was like a desert outside...that one scorcher of a day.
but that (metaphorically speaking) window opening...
gave us so much possibility for EVERYTHING.
hmmm..what a very good reminder...thank you God for blessing us...
i'm going to hug+kiss my munchkins ever so tightly right now...
wow. i'm so sorry lil' ones for all the lil' things i got upset you forgive me?
how 'bout you? do you remember why?
maybe saying sorry
might be a good idea right about now, huh?...
bons temps

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