Saturday, August 28, 2010


i can't believe it's the end of august.
summer is winding down and the munchkins are back to school...
tomorrow is the start of football season in my village.
my lil' 8 year old peanut is so excited to CHEER her first game.
never thought anyone in my family would be a cheerleader...
{hmmm. maybe secretly, i wished i was a cheerleader?!!}
it is really fun watching her cheer. practicing her dance routine.
it's also hilarious watching my lil' guy {also 8 years old} cheer right on with her.
he knows all the cheers...he's actually one hell of a cheerleader-wanna-be...
{despite his left vocal chord paralysis...he's actually clearer and louder than peanut. go figure?}
my lil' guy said to me, "hey, i'd like to be a cheerleader, too!"
that makes 2 of us lil' guy...woot-woot!
i love my lil' bugs' imaginative + creative inspiring to be with them...
in the next few weeks we will be expecting a HUGE package...we CAN NOT wait!!!
we're also trying to get our creative juices flowing bec.
we'll be joining thousands of artistic peeps around the world creating
lil' masterpieces... {more on this project soon...}
i thought this week's countdown collage spoke creativiness to me...
face-painting is such a creative way to express one's self.
the artist who created these facial wonders was an older woman
{during this past April's Earth Day Celebration in our Village}
...could be a
i was impressed with her focus, her fingers on the paintbrushes and
the vision
she had when each child told her what image they'd like painted on their body.
i love how ian's snake wraps around his eyes+his nose then onto his mouth to have the snake's tongue be
right on his clever!
how pretty is shioban's butterfly fluttering over her eye...such a fairy-like face...
glitter, colours, oh my!
so fantasy-like.
the artist could have just put a simple snake on ian's arm or a plain butterfly on shioban's cheek.
but WOW!
...did she take it a couple of notches or what???!

that's why i heart albert einstein's mind. i think he would have understood what that
face-painter artist was trying to achieve.
"logic {can} get you from a to b..."
but it really takes imagination to get you even further!
how inspiring is that?
that's what this collage is for me...firing up my creative juices and
building my imagination to take me places...
that's what i'm hoping to do this week.
trying to wake up my imagination...thinking out of the box so i could get some projects started...
hope your week will spark your imagination and send you soaring futher than you could ever imagine!
bons temps

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