Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a new month...a new seed...

happy september!
a new month.
a new seed.
so many projects coming up.
excited for a HUGE package to arrive in a few weeks...
trying to start accomplishing some rusty ol' goals that have been put
on the back burner...

looking forward to autumn breezes, warm sweaters, crisp leaves...
the past 3 months have been such hot, sticky+whirlwind living.
loved those lazy, sunny, hot crazy days...but
to tell you the truth, i welcome some changing weather
to cooler breezes~
that would be such a refreshing pace.
as we welcome this change of seasons,
i'm hoping you'll find those seeds
you've planted or beginning to plant
harvesting into a bountiful feast!
plant a seed and watch it grow...

bons temps!

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