Friday, September 3, 2010


ever meet someone who thinks they know it ALL?
and gloats because they know it all?
unfortunately, those types of people are all around us.
they bring such knowledge to the table but their personalities are
not something to write home about.
i try to stay away from those types.
i tend to gravitate towards people who are practical
and wise beyond their years.
these are the hearts that are able to share their wealth of information with
unconditional and genuine kindness.
i took this picture of this dandelion.
your typical wildflower.
there aren't any vivid colours on this flower.
however, the beauty it possesses is quite incredible.
the softness+fuzziness of its petals, the irregularities of its shape and
the way it bends with the wind.
this dandelion is beautiful in its own way.
does it boast vivid colours?
is it ever entered into a contest for the best-prized dandelion in the world?
does it ever get chosen first in a bouquet of flowers?
its beauty speaks beyond words.
to me it reminds me of being able to be humble.
being humble is a great quality to have.
not everyone has it.
everyone can do their best to become one.
this is something i'd like my lil' ones to remember which
reminds me of what our priest said in church last week:
"some who are last will be first, and some who are first will be last..."
N'est pas maintenant que la vérité!
{now, isn't that the truth?}
happy weekend!

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