Tuesday, September 7, 2010


happy tuesday!
hope your labour day weekend was fun...
had such a fab weekend!
spent time up north with my sis, Mary Ann and my adorable munchkins.
great cool weather.
it was so relaxing and serene.
went to an awesome farmer's market + had the chance to go see their version of
'taste of chicago' called 'taste of madison.'
it was packed with all sorts of vendors...
lots of fresh veggies/fruits, flowers, asian, smoothies, cheese + bakery booth galore.
the only weird thing was that it was a one-way walking traffic...
it really felt like lemmings to the sea...
try walking against traffic...it was like getting a death wish...or
like fighting to swim up stream (or even worse, getting brutal glares of
death from an angry mob...that was scary...)
{will post pics of our excursion soon...had to borrow my sissy's camera as i was such in a rush to get on the road,
i totally forgot my sweet camera, auggh!}
sis made a delicious mango salsa...wish i took pics of that but forgot my camera.
it was simply delectable!
my lil' mini trip with the kids was really nice.
nice hangin' with my sis+bro-in-law~an early wedding anniversary celebration for them-
8 beautiful years of wedded bliss...
{bonne anniversaire, sweet reya and big joe!}
good company, good rest...recharging the batteries to start working on many upcoming projects,
now that's a good thing.
very nice weekend...sad to end summer but will treasure those tiny but incredible moments...
moments of time...
lifetime of memories...
bons temps


Dionne said...

Oooh how lovely. Smoothies and bakeries and loved ones.... sounds perfect.

Labour of Love said...

yes, sweet Dionne...it sure was lovely...simply the perfect combo...thanks for stopping by and sending such sweetness my way! miss you! xoxo (will try to post pics soon...)