Tuesday, September 21, 2010


love you for eternity

4, 3, 2, 1~love deeply...

it's been 8 long months since we've seen each other, been together, hugged each other.
what an experience.
we all grew from this experience.

life was truly hard without you.
birthdays, holy communion, holidays, anniversaries, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading,
1st day of 3rd grade, doctor visits, movie theaters, mini-vacations up North in the special house, sleepless nights, Sunday masses, house mishaps, family dramas, heavy storms, crashing trees,
new adventures...
longing for your letters...a surprise phone call, a welcomed e-mail...
were ways to keep our hearts going...

somehow we managed to live each day with a smile on our face.
praying for your safety,
hoping you'd come home~alive+well...
thank you God and Angel Sinead for keeping Daddy safe.
thank you Daddy and your fellow soldiers for keeping our Country free + safe.
we are so very proud of you!!!
thank you for safely coming home to us...
we can't wait until we can endlessly hug you, have non-stop kisses galore and...
start our new adventures~
you are our COURAGEOUS HERO.
i am utterly and deeply in LOVE with you
we truly have FOUND A WAY...

love you for eternity...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

forever+for always no matter what...

16 years ago...
a fine, red-headed irishman + a sweet, tropical island gal+ a hundred year old church...
16 years later...
a red little house+3 little miracles+ a whole lot of lovin'...
happy anniversary, my love...
forever and for always...no matter what...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


{location of picture: home of Thomas Jefferson, our trip to Montecello, Virginia}

thank you, God...for answering our prayers...
heard your voice really clear today.
cooler air+fluffy mattresses=happy camper!
we tend to take things for granted...
i'm gonna make sure we try our best over here!
one door, one step, one chapter is closed.
but that's ok since another door has
opened for each of us.
i love this quote by Alexander Graham Bell:
'when one door closes, another opens...'
so poignantly stated!
looking forward to the next few months...
can't wait to open a few more doors
a long-awaited hug+kiss
and just being...it won't be long...
bonne nuit

09.11.01-09.11.10...we will NEVER FORGET...

To all our HEROES of 09.11.01:
To all those soules who have left this earth, who lent a hand, a kind heart, warm words, a hug, a smile or even a thought on 09.11.01
via the attacks in NYC, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. ...
you are ALL our HEROES...
we will NEVER FORGET 09.11.01...
this will always be a day we will NEVER FORGET and
will forever always be in our heart + soule.
{this is a repost of my September 11, 2008 entry}
(photos found on internet images by www.legallyarmed.com, coffin- www.flickr.com/photos/coffin911/2172917610/ )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


happy tuesday!
hope your labour day weekend was fun...
had such a fab weekend!
spent time up north with my sis, Mary Ann and my adorable munchkins.
great cool weather.
it was so relaxing and serene.
went to an awesome farmer's market + had the chance to go see their version of
'taste of chicago' called 'taste of madison.'
it was packed with all sorts of vendors...
lots of fresh veggies/fruits, flowers, asian, smoothies, cheese + bakery booth galore.
the only weird thing was that it was a one-way walking traffic...
it really felt like lemmings to the sea...
try walking against traffic...it was like getting a death wish...or
like fighting to swim up stream (or even worse, getting brutal glares of
death from an angry mob...that was scary...)
{will post pics of our excursion soon...had to borrow my sissy's camera as i was such in a rush to get on the road,
i totally forgot my sweet camera, auggh!}
sis made a delicious mango salsa...wish i took pics of that but forgot my camera.
it was simply delectable!
my lil' mini trip with the kids was really nice.
nice hangin' with my sis+bro-in-law~an early wedding anniversary celebration for them-
8 beautiful years of wedded bliss...
{bonne anniversaire, sweet reya and big joe!}
good company, good rest...recharging the batteries to start working on many upcoming projects,
now that's a good thing.
very nice weekend...sad to end summer but will treasure those tiny but incredible moments...
moments of time...
lifetime of memories...
bons temps

wedded bliss...

to my sweet sis, Mary Ann + darling hubby, Joe...
happy 8 years of wedded bliss!
enjoy your perfect day...


Friday, September 3, 2010


ever meet someone who thinks they know it ALL?
and gloats because they know it all?
unfortunately, those types of people are all around us.
they bring such knowledge to the table but their personalities are
not something to write home about.
i try to stay away from those types.
i tend to gravitate towards people who are practical
and wise beyond their years.
these are the hearts that are able to share their wealth of information with
unconditional and genuine kindness.
i took this picture of this dandelion.
your typical wildflower.
there aren't any vivid colours on this flower.
however, the beauty it possesses is quite incredible.
the softness+fuzziness of its petals, the irregularities of its shape and
the way it bends with the wind.
this dandelion is beautiful in its own way.
does it boast vivid colours?
is it ever entered into a contest for the best-prized dandelion in the world?
does it ever get chosen first in a bouquet of flowers?
its beauty speaks beyond words.
to me it reminds me of being able to be humble.
being humble is a great quality to have.
not everyone has it.
everyone can do their best to become one.
this is something i'd like my lil' ones to remember which
reminds me of what our priest said in church last week:
"some who are last will be first, and some who are first will be last..."
N'est pas maintenant que la vérité!
{now, isn't that the truth?}
happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a new month...a new seed...

happy september!
a new month.
a new seed.
so many projects coming up.
excited for a HUGE package to arrive in a few weeks...
trying to start accomplishing some rusty ol' goals that have been put
on the back burner...

looking forward to autumn breezes, warm sweaters, crisp leaves...
the past 3 months have been such hot, sticky+whirlwind living.
loved those lazy, sunny, hot crazy days...but
to tell you the truth, i welcome some changing weather
to cooler breezes~
that would be such a refreshing pace.
as we welcome this change of seasons,
i'm hoping you'll find those seeds
you've planted or beginning to plant
harvesting into a bountiful feast!
plant a seed and watch it grow...

bons temps!