Sunday, February 6, 2011

642 Things to Draw...

(image from internet~i just added text+arrow)

What a nice thing to wake up to this morning: Chronicle Books Blog Art+Design: The 642 Things to Draw Book Challenge
How cool is this? I can totally relate to one of the featured artist , Summer Woodham . She's using this book to challenge herself on her blog. I really loved what she said, "When you don’t have an outside job, the guilt of engaging in a hobby is really intense because there is always something else you should be doing and it seems terribly selfish to take any time away from those chores because after all you’re not bringing any money in. Stopping to take time for yourself feels like you’re not contributing, but I really think it’s important to find things that are just for you. I think it makes you a better parent and a better partner to carve out that space for yourself."
This is so true for me. I commented back to her on her blog by saying this: "I'm also blessed to be a SAHM who's trying to find my passion + totally understand where you're coming from about the guilty pleasures/meaningful's a constant battle over here in my world to find a balance between raising a family + finding time to create. I recently participated with my family on the SketchBook Project 2011 with It was a challenge but we managed to work like a team to complete 4 books just in time for the deadline. I honestly don't know how artists with families do it. Manage a website, blog, shoppe, publish books, magazines, create, travel etc...I wish there was more time in the day to do all that I want. "
{As a sidenote: I think that staying home to raise a family does contribute a whole lot to this world. Some may not think that SAHMs financially contribute a penny but I beg to differ. We are the ones who are staying home + taking care of the children. We're managing the household, the groceries, making home-cooked meals, the endless laundrying+cleaning the homestead, managing the bills, the schoolwork, teacher conferences, mending the sick munchkins, playing+counseling the lil' ones, running around with all the extra-curriculars, etc. We're saving on child-care costs, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses associated with outside childcare. I really think I'm raising healthy, happy + good children that will hopefully grow up into healthy, happy + good adults. My munchkins are our future and I think SAHMs oftentimes get categorized as non-contributors to society. When you have a family with lil' ones, I really think it takes two (or if you're a single parent-support systems are vital!) to make the world go round + successfully contribute to society.
With that in mind, we SAHMs sometimes do not have co-workers to take over when we need a break or are sick. Sometimes, we SAHMs don't have vacation time. Our job is 24/7. I used to be a full-time corporate career mom. And somehow, I managed to have a scheduled workout time, break and vacation time. Life seemed a bit more easier than staying home. Now that I'm home, I really don't have time for myself. I have to remember to schedule some time for myself. So, when I'm discovering creative soules on-line, when I'm reading inspirational literature, listening to beautiful music, capturing beauty with my camera or when I sneak away to create...YES... I feel guilty. But I have to stop and remember that I DO so much and I deserve a break and to be's a constant battle everyday for me. But there's really no one to back me up, except for myself. }
This book, 642 Things to Draw, sounds like another wonderful stepping stone for me in my search to find my passions...Go visit Summer here and enter her sweet giveaway (until 2/6/11 11:59 pm eastern standard time) for a chance to win your very own copy of this exciting new book! Also, check out Chronicle Books' blog and read up on their review of this book and meet other wonderful artists. Plus Chronicle Books truly have the coolest books + neatest stuff around!


Dionne said...

I've never heard of this, but now I am keen to check it out.

Love the font and redesign!

Labour of Love said...

Found this journal while discovering other creative soules...this journal sounds like something to light my's on my wishlists of things to get soon...

Thanks, Dionne! Isn't the font sweet? I'm still working on the design here...still a work in progress... xoxo