Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March...Lucky all month long...

Did i really only blog 2 posts in February?
That's really sad.
Well, it was a very short month + as usual it's hectic around these parts of the woods.
February was a busy month. I've been making sweet lil' things for my munchkins' Valentine's Day treats. To be exact about 40 or so little items. I didn't get a chance to take pics before handing them out to the kidlets but I had a bunch leftover and will be using them again for
St. Patrick's Day-YAY!
{i'm in the process of preparing a picture tutorial so you can make them too!}
Everyone wants to make neat things that's easy, quick + with stuff you already have, right?
Well these beauties really did the trick!
They really are easy to make. you'll see when i get my picture tutorial up, how really easy it is.
I found that you just have to do some good prep work inorder
for the assembly line to go smoothly.
Basically, you can use any type of paper you'd like. Cut them in rounds. Do a quick fold (this can be a lil' bit tricky), glue the middle and stick sweet treasures inside!
For my lil' fortune i wrote 'Lucky' and collaged 4 lil' hearts together to make a cute shamrock.
I had leftover Valentine heart chocolates and covered them in orange crepe paper then glued them onto strips of index cards-it was that easy!
(for Valentine's Day: i stamped cute heart, robot, 'bee mine' designs on strips of index cards, then glued a red chocolate heart to it. then stuffed it into the cookie-viola!)
In a couple of days, I'll have that tutorial up. in the meantime, I'm continuing on with my
'Monthly Calendar Project'.
Please enjoy March's Calendar. Couldn't decide on one photograph so, I've included a variety for you to enjoy. Here's wishing you a whole month of 'Luck!':

bonne nuit


Dionne said...

So cute! I love making paper fortune cookies. Last year I made them for my single girlfriends. I guess I have a Valentine's Fortune Cookie tradition now, because this year I made them real ones that they could eat. But I like the paper ones because they last longer :)

Yours are so pretty!

Labour of Love said...

thanks so much, Dionne! aren't these the best?! yes, a perfect Valentine giveaway...wow...you made your own edible fortune cookies...you are one amazing Cookie, hee-hee...paper ones also have no calories...gotta love that!

now...how about making some eye-candy, Sweet Dionne and fb some pics of your yummo cookies! xoxox