Thursday, March 3, 2011

let's make some...

as promised here's my picture tutorial:

easy as 1, 2, 3...

you can use whatever paper you'd like. how about those old newspapers, ads, scratch paper...with newspapers, mag pages or thin paper, i mount them on circles of leftover cardboard boxes or cardstock paper. i used one of my cooking bowls. i wanted my cookies to be about 3/4"w x 3" L. i think it's just about the perfect size, like a real fortune cookie but you can use whatever size you want. all depends on how big you want your cookies.
reuse. recycle. go green...gotta love that!

i used leftover valentine chocolates but use whatever treasures you find...

{these lil' hands are my Shioban's cute lil' paws...she's a better hand model than i could ever}
now the fun part:

i made my own

take out boxes from using an old one as a template. i also had a template i bought from Michaels but i liked the pink boxes' template the best!

have a LUCKY month!


Mekkan said...

Lovely! These make me to yearn for spring. Being full of colors. The open air is still cold in the morning.

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, sweet Mekkan! thank you for your sweet comment...doesn't the colours bring Spring into the air? yes, it's still chilly over here too but i love when the sun comes out and warms the all the natural light~so great for capturing beauty! happy weekend to you + thanks for visiting...xoxo jo;)

miss pixie said...

What a sweet blog you have!! :)

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, miss pixie! thank you so much for visiting my world, becoming a follower and leaving such a sweet comment...can't wait to see your world + get inspired too! love your profile avatar!!! xoxo jo;)

angela said...

What a gerat tutorial, so colourful and gorgeous!

Hey... you won my Peppermint Magazine giveaway, hurrah!!!! Please let me know your mailing address, I have my email address link on my blog.

Have a lovely day : )

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, Angela! thank you so much for visiting my world+for the lovely comment...YAYAYAYAYAY!!! March truly is becoming one LUCKY month for me...i can't believe i won your Peppermint Magazine...WOW! thank you again for hosting such a sweet giveaway! i absolutely adore anything from Australia...such a beautiful country + the women truly know how to create magnificent parties + unique creations! ps. love, love, LOVE your blog+ will be an avid follower, for sure!!! i'm e-mailing you my snail mail...YIPPEE~you made my day even sweeter!!! xoxo jo;)