Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday~Mardi Gras...Biegnets, Peppermint Mag+642 Things to Draw!

(photo courtesy of Southern Living )

Happy Mardi Gras~Happy Fat Tuesday!

Whenever I think of 'Mardi Gras~Fat Tuesday', I think of New Orleans. The first thing I think of are not those 'beads or the carnival atmosphere' but those delectable, scrumptiously, delicate yet puffy Beignets...with a delicious cup of hot earl grey tea or cafe' au lait or even a sweet cappuccino...I loved New Orleans and when we visited there several years ago, we made sure to stop in the famous Cafe' Du Monde. We bought several boxes of these irresistable sweets. But it didn't last long! You can buy them at Cafe' Du Monde's shoppe over here

(photo courtesy of Cafe' Du Monde )

or you can try to make them on your own. How about trying Southern Living's recipe
Go to their site + follow their 4 step slideshow...hmm...well, I might just have to try that out...

How do you celebrate your Fat Tueday?
Any exciting plans for Big Fat Tuesday? Do tell!

Well on to some good news, so far, March is really one Lucky month for me...

(photo courtesy of Three Buttons + Self Indulgent Exhibitionism + Chronicle Books )

yup...that's right...I am a lucky winner in 2 giveaways!

One was from a Sweetheart from Australia~Angela's Three Buttons
YAY!!! I won one of her magazines called Peppermint Magazine. It's one of Australia's newest and upcoming, eco mag showcasing handmade designs from Australia + the world. Topics ranging from good designs about fashion, lifestyle, art + bringing a whole lot of creativity while being environmentally friendly! Go GREEN!
Her blog is quite inspirational and she finds the neatest blogs+showcases such lovely eye-candies to drool over! I absolutely LOVE her blog...you must check her world out...
she has fab ideas + a cool shoppe too!
I'm truly amazed with Australian women. They really know how to take it up a few notches with their sweet Soirees or their unique creations.
Thank you so very much, Angela! You made my day even SWEETER!!!

The second prize I won was from another sweetheart: Summer Woodham's Self Indulgent Exhibitionism giveaway.

I wrote all about it in this post. I look forward to seeing Summer and the other artist illustrate their creative ideas from this book...I still can't believe I won...YAY!!! The book arrived safely and it's beautiful! I really can't bear to draw in it as I love to keep it as an inspirational book. Thank you so very much Summer + Pattie (from Chronicle Books) for sending this magical book my way...the possibilities are endless and it truly is inspiring me to think of creative ways to draw simple objects. Plus it will help me grow confidently in my drawing techniques, as I'm self-taught...+ this experience will help me believe more in myself...
I've promised myself that I'll draw something weekly and post the drawings here on my blog.

Here is the first object: a rolling pin :

I was inspired by a recipe/rolling pin favour I received from a wedding shower years ago. I thought about how happy my marriage has been over the years (17 to be exact!) and how cute the recipe was. I just added the phrase on the last line "Decorate with Life!"

click on picture for larger image + see a close up of the "Recipe for a Happy Marriage"

Well, I'm off to try out that Southern Living Beignet recipe...
let's see if some Beignets will make my marriage even more HAPPIER today...
bon temps!


angela said...

Bless! How cute are you!!

Your rolling pin drawing is very sweet, I look forward to seeing your weekly drawings.

I hope your magazine has arrived!

Angela x

Labour of Love said...

Bonjour, Sweet Angela! Yippppppppeeeeeeeee!!! A sweet package from Australia arrived safely into my arms...I absolutely LOVE receiving snail mail esp. from overseas...I love the postage stamp...WOW...that was quite $$$ to send, huh? Thank you so very much for hosting such a great giveaway! I truly love your lil' heart note...you're one creative soule for sure!!! What a fab magazine...I can't wait until my munchkins head off to school so I could just enjoy every luscious page...merci beaucoup for sending such loveliness my way...would love to keep in touch...your world is definitely going to be a favourite daily read!
Thanks so much for the sweet comment...so far the munchkins have me running around these days but I'm trying to set some time to draw soon...hopefully my next piece will be up soon...I'll post a pic of your sweet package soon too! You're the best! xoxo jo;)