Wednesday, February 2, 2011

picture days...

confession #1: i'm a closet wanna-be photographer... i really love still life. one day when i grow up, i'd love to be a professional photographer, stylist, graphic designer, illustrator, artist. i do not have any formal training in the fine arts department or photography. but i do love to capture beauty in different ways...create something sweet + there's something about France+ the Eiffel Tower that tugs at my heart...that's when something clicked and i started making these paper eiffels+i wanted to capture their beauty by taking pics of them...i also love drawing them...maybe one day i'll be able to set foot inside my beloved Eiffel but for now, taking pics+drawing them fill my heart with glee.
confession #2: i'm always asking what day it is or i'm always looking for a calendar to see what i need to be doing...and of course, i never can find one...i always divert back to my yahoo page...which isn't very pretty...
ok, so now why the confessionals? well, put those 2 together and what do you have? pictures+days...this is a new project i'm working on~monthly calendars of my photos to share with all of you...every month i'll put up a new photo/collage of mine...feel free to use them...i'm hoping you'll enjoy them... this will give me a chance to spark up some new inspiration for myself, improve my photography skills, think out of the box + finally know what day it really is...hahhhh!
bonne nuit

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