Friday, June 27, 2008

Butterfly Ball

Bonjour was a very special day for the lil' the chance to attend the Fancy Nancy's Butterfly Ball at our library! Lil' gals were all dressed up in their fanciest dresses with their magical wings and tiaras. Lil' lads were dressed in their finest lil' outfits. My Ian wore angel wings but quickly took that off when he saw Spiderman, his best friend Zachy crawl into the room. Now he wanted to go home and wear his Batman was a beauty. Managed to tell him that he could wear his Bat gear on our next adventure and to enjoy the Fancy gear he was wearing. Don' t know how that happened, just glad he didn't have a fit...Anyway...lil Shioban had a spectacular (as Fancy Nancy would say..."that's a fancy word for great!") time. She looked mystical in her lil' Fariytopia outfit. (Will post some pics soon of our great day...)
They had a truly grand time. They listened to 2 of Fancy Nancy's books, spoke a bit of French, learned how to balance walk (with a bean bag on their heads), paraded around and showed how they could walk utterly straight without dropping their bean bags on their lil' heads, ate pink cupcakes, drank red punch, made butterfly puppets, butterfly masks, practicing how to properly curtsy and listened to great music.
I honestly never really heard of Fancy Nancy until our Library's Butterfly Ball. I didn't even know there was a series on this book. I don't have an opinion as of yet on this particular book. I have to check it out but I found a couple of reviews to figure out if it's a good series or not. I'm already liking her as she loves to speak French and best of all the butterflies speak French too!!! There's also a lesson to be learned in this book...I truly like books with wisdom and you know what...I adore the illustrations too!
At our Library's Butterfly Ball, we all had to say "oh la-la..." several times...It was too funny...Go here or here to read what they have to say about this series. Or go here for party ideas for a Fancy Nancy theme...
I just love children Illustrators and Authors...and I especially like when they provide neat (+ FREE-really LOVE THAT!!!) lil' activity packs on the web for our lil' ones to enjoy. Look at this to have hours of Fancy Nancy Butterfly fun or go here for the more info. Well, I'm off to catch some butterflies (or fireflies which ever comes first) with my lil' bugs. Have a sweet afternoon and as Fancy Nancy would say, "...Enjoy...and always celebrate the Fancy Nancy in YOU!"

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