Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to Create?

Remember, my sweet sis, Mary Ann and Melba? They gave me a sweet surprise journal called, "Creating in the Midst" and Melba has organized a wonderful group of artists who want to learn more how to creatively grow. It's a 12 week program starting this Sunday, July 6th. According to Melba, each week offers a focus, a list of practices and sharing suggestions. The journal is used to document your journey. Please visit her site if you're interested to join in. I believe there will be a Group II session in the Fall. Go here for more information. I'm going to try it out...I need to find out how to carve out some time to create...
It's pretty late, better get some shut-eye...Sweet dreams! xoxo jo;)


Gina2424 said...

I left you an award for Oustanding New Blogger on my blog.


Labour of Love said...

wowow, sweet gina!!! i'm so sorry about not getting back to you earlier...still new at this and i'm totally honoured that you sent me an award... WOWOWWOWOWEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i still can't believe it...ME?!?!?!?!
my first award ever...even here in the bloggin world...i thank you soooo very much for giving me're sooooooo SWEET!!!!!!! will write a special post about you and your blog...again, you've made my heart leap! xoxo jo ;)