Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Happy 4th!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend... we had a blast! Went to our Village's 4th of July Parade, sat with some neat friends, had pizza picnic + saw the magnificent fireworks at our local park, went up North with kiddos + Mom to visit my sis, Mary Ann + dear hubster, Joe. Supposed to see water jet show + fireworks but flooding was everywhere. We made the best of it up North. Visited some great ponds by my Mom's summer house (also my sis' home), went to a nice ol' church and listened to some good news, then after that we went 'Antiquing' as my lil' Shioban persistently kept asking all weekend long if we were going to do it....Aughhhhh...she's a lil' "minimeeee" of me and my sis...loved checking out the neat stuff at that antique place...the history behind some of those things I saw spoke to me...and well I bought a few treasures...can't wait to take some pics of my goodies...just a few but I can't wait to create something with my finds...after our shopping we went and saw their 'Rotary Gardens'..WOW...simply MAGNIFICENT...I took quite a few pics and will load sometime soon...wish my garden looked like that...only in my was a nice get-a-way...after that we went home and had a bbq and we crafted and made some art...we even did a yoga session outside in the front of their house...a forest preserve looking place...birds chirping, air whisking was a serene and beautiful yoga session...oh the r+r was fantastic! I love going up there to visit because my sis + I talked for hours about our dreams, searching through the net, making a video for a sweet blog sista, Lia and learning how to make our dreams a reality. I also loved spending time with my Mom...she's hilarious...watched freaky + scary shows on the tube...had nightmares after watching Carol Alt + Bruce Boxleitner, still a hunk... (remember him on this show...) in a scary movie about snakehead fishes gone mad, huge and pirana like...eek...really gruesome and confirms my fears of the water...yech! Anyway, had fun staying up really late and watching that horror flick with my Mom... all in all a delicious and sweet 4th of July! Well... I'm off to watch more of Bruce Boxleitner...the 80's were hilarious! Enjoy... xo jo ;)

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BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Beautiful!!!!!!!! You are such a sweetheart!!! Awww Thanks so much!!!

BIG KISSES!!!!!! Off to read the other entries now!

xxxxx Molly