Sunday, July 13, 2008

In the still of the night...week 2 Creating in the Midst...

This week's assignment for Melba's Creating in the Midst is to try to be 'still' to connect with your 'higher' self. Well, in my previous post, 'thyme' has been an issue. I feel like there's so much stuff to do and that I really 'never have enough thyme' to do anything else. This week has been no exception. I've been running around with the lil' ones making memories for them...doing/going/being with them...but I haven't much time for Thursday we'll be off on a mini-vacation with my lil' munchkins, my sis, Mary Ann and my sweet mom. My sis and I will be going here while on vacation. Hoping it'll be fun...never did anything like this before but I'm trying to connect with the 'higher' side of myself...the authentic one, as Melba has coined it. I've got a full plate of wips but I'm trying to tackle them one by sister's challenge to create '31' vintage prom dress itty bitty book page is proving to be some challenge as I try to find the time to create them. I have an idea of what they should look's just trying to execute them smoothly. It's just that the days go by so quickly with all the things I've got to do for the lil' ones...summer school, swim, gymnastics, library activities, playdates, housework, etc... and my nights are so short to even tackle my projects...well, because I'm sooo whipped by the end of the day.

So. tonight, it's trying to connect with my inner be still and to try to think clearly...I'm here with my cup of chai tea, listening to Norah Jones cooing in the background...let's hope I make it before I doze off to dreamland!

Until next time, Bonne Nuit...

xoxo jo ;)

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