Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet Marie-Pour l'amour du francais itty bitty book swap IS NOW CLOSED...

thank you to all of the overwhelmingly and enthusiastic responses to this new project of mine found over here and here...we have a full list of amazing artists who have signed up to create one-of-a-kind itty bitty pages re: Sweet Marie and anything French...i truly appreciate everyone's keen interest in this special art challenge. i'm thinking of adding one more special person to our list but i've got to talk it over with my partner-in-crime, my sis, Mary Ann to see if adding one more page will be too much to ask the other artists to add to their contribution.
Anyway, just writing this post to let you know that this swap is now full...

(photo found on internet)

Merci and Au revoir...until next time...

xoxo jo ;)


Debi said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I am new to blogland and happended to stumble on yours and what a treat it was!
I will be back soon!
Please visit me anytime!

Labour of Love said...

hi, sweet debi!!! wow! thank you so much for finding me and leaving such kind and the most sweetest thoughts truly made my day! i still can't believe there are kindred spirits out there...i'm the lucky one...thank you also for adding me to your blog roll...such an honour! i absolutely am in love with your are AMAZING and your blog is truly loving and quite ROMANTIC!!!!!!! adore the French words you paint...also CONGRATULATIONS on your published lil' ones will just love this book!!! the beauty you create is magnificent! will add you as well to my blog roll and will visit often! xoxo jo ;)