Monday, July 14, 2008

Got Fleas?

(Photo courtesy of Michael Kett's amazing flea circus website)
Saw a really neat show at our library with the kiddos this past Saturday. It was Professor Marvel's Amazing Flea Circus! Please go here to see some pretty amazing stuff...
WOW! The lil' ones and I were pretty mesmerized by the whole show. Mr. Kett truly delivered an excellent + amazing show. All about 'fleas' and their magnificent performances. We saw a 'flea' pick out a card (we're talking a gigantic playing card-5x the size of a regular playing card) from the audience who guessed '8 of spades' and pick it the right card UP...never knew how much strength they had! Saw another 'flea' (with one leg-his name was 'Pogo'...go figure?!) climb a ladder, a tightrope and jump from a high position into a tiny lil' pool...and it really splashed us!
There was this really neat trick:
The Great Alexander or was it Dominique? (another lil' flea) went between 2 lil' chalkboards with a piece of chalk (that a lil' boy was holding the whole time of the trick). The host-Mr. Kett, asked 3 different audience members to pick a number between 2-200. Then one other audience member (all are not related to the host because, most were moms or dads that I know of) added the three numbers to total 418. Then another mom was inspecting a telephone book that Mr. Kett gave her. She was instructed to go to page 418 and pick any random telephone number. We then all had to recite it 3 times'455-1163'. While saying the telephone aloud, you can hear scribbling...then in seconds the 2 chalkboards were released and viola...the EXACT telephone number was written on the chalkboard...WOW...amazing!!! The finale was a death defying stunt from "Victor" who went into a cannon and was shot out of it with amazing speed of 90 m/hour and shot through a paper hoop and caught with a mit from another dad in the audience...all I could say is if you want to be ENTHRALLED for 60 minutes...go see Mr. Kett's show when he's in town...just like in the 1800's travelling flea circuses, you will be intrigued from the very 1st trick...that's what using our imagination is all about. Go here to find out for yourself!
xoxo jo ;)

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