Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I...She...He...WE DID IT!!!

(Photo by annabelleex3, polly_20189 & superrxx sarah courtesy of Photobucket
Collage by Labour of Love 2008)

What a fantastic day...busy as a beaver. Took pics of Bridget's Itty Bitty House pages, shipped all 30 lil' houses to Bridget's neck of the woods, took lil 'ones to swimming & gymnastic lessons, library fun, rainbow cones, meeting up with sweet pals..Oh what a beautiful day!
Another cause for celebration is that SHIOBAN FINALLY JUMPED into the water. This is Day #12 out of 4 weeks for their swim lessions. Ian and Shioban are still going to have to overcome their fears of the water. But, Ian went under the water 5 times but didn't want to try to jump into the pool. Maybe tomorrow ...
So proud of these lil' munchkins and their achievements-no matter how you want to slice it, these kids have determination written allover their bodies and they DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP.
I'm taking the lead from my kids today...I really feel accomplished.
Whew...what a day...I, She, He...WE REALLY DID IT today! Wonder what tomorrow will bring...stay tuned...

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