Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just added the caption and what I think lil' Sasha might have said to her Daddy... )

Welcome First Family!
This photo is just as charming as this First Family.
Did you see the Inauguarion?
To tell you the truth, I never really watched any of the Presidential Inauguartion...
except for this one.
This one intrigued me.
As I watch this family interact, see pictures of them, read about them-
well, I see me and my family. I'm beginning to believe again.
That the impossible is possible.
For some reason, I think this family may offer more to the table, more inspirations and motivational changes to how we think of what the
United States of America stands for.

This picture reminds me that maybe, just maybe CHANGE is for the GOOD...

Thank you Mr. President.
Thank you First Family...
for instilling overwhelming HOPE for our NATION.
For a brighter + better world for our children-our FUTURE.

'The road is long..."

and yes, Mr. President...we'll be there to build it right there with you...

Bonne Nuit

xoxo jo ;)


Gracie said...

I hope everything is well with your new president.

I can't believe I've missed a few of your beautiful posts! They are so inspiring. I love the way you lay out your photos. They are done so creatively.

I'm starting to get your pay it forward package together! I hope you and your family are going well! Xox

Labour of Love said...

merci beaucoup, sweet Gracie! thank you for always visiting and sending such loving thoughts my way...i'm glad my lil' world can give you some inspiration...i truly love photography and wish i could secretly be a great photographer...(ps...i LOVE your blog too...you continue to amaze me with all the creative endeavors and peace loving commitments you've been accomplishing...now that's TRUE INSPIRATION!)
i posted my PIF but only have one taker...i'll have to write another post on it...maybe a lot of peeps are still hibernating and waiting for warmer days...i still have 365 days to find people, right?! no worries, here...take your time on my pack-i LOVE surprises!!! xoxo jo ;)