Monday, January 5, 2009

Nouveaux commencements...

(front side-digital image created with Polyvore by Labour of Love
for Follow Your Bliss Design + my sis, Mary Ann's Itty Bitty Winter Wonderland Swap 2009 )

(back side-digital image created with Polyvore by Labour of Love
for Follow Your Bliss Design + my sis, Mary Ann's Itty Bitty Winter Wonderland Swap 2009 )

Bienvenu 2009!

this is my 1st page (and backcover) that i contributed to my sis, Mary Ann of Follow Your Bliss Design's Itty Bitty Winter Wonderland Swap 2009. we had to create 2 sets of 15 winter themed pages. they're about 2.5x3.5 lil' pages that my sis binds into these lovely books that are filled with gorgeous winter themed creations from contributing artists from all over the world. i humbly started this itty bitty journey last year with my sis' flickr group and now have truly been addicted ever since. i remember when i was so intimidated by a new art technique and to try to think outside of the box. i truly enjoy creating these tiny pages to bring a smile or even to send a bit of sunshine to someone's day.
this collage speaks to me to start a 'FRESH', 'A New Day'...that's how i see january, mondays and this new 2009.
new hope + new adventures = a new day...
to find your passion, loves + dreams!

Le bonheur à vous

{the above image was created over at Polyvore by me. i found loads of winter themed images...but there were no names of the originator of the images... there's been a bit of controversy over at Polyvore. i was surfing through flickr and stumbled onto this awesome artist Art+Ghost. Louise of Art+Ghost wrote a very thought-provoking post about Polyvore here (regarding copyright violations). i truly understand where she's coming from as i know how i would feel if someone 'stole' any of my photos of my work without my where is this side post going? well, i'd like to send my apologies to the original artist(s) of the images i used in my digital collage (see above image). i have no intentions of selling this collage. i do not claim to be the one that created those images. but i'd like to say that i put those images together to make a pretty inspirational piece-a motivational piece. if there was a way to contact the original artists to obtain their permission for usage, i would be right there in the front lines. i also apologize if i have offended anyone, this is not my intention. i just want to give full credit to the original artists and that my collages are not created to destroy the original artists' creations.

i agree with Louise of Art+Ghost, companies/individuals should not rifle through someone's blog, website or flickr accounts and take images/photos without proper consent.
but when they are already in sites like Polyvore and not properly identified with originator's name/info, should the Polyvore user be at fault for creating a collage as an expression of their art?

this is where it surely gets tricky...
i am on the fence on this one...i like Polyvore so i could create simple+pretty collages but i don't like the fact that the images were 'stolen' without consent for public usage.
just be careful out there. if you use Polyvore, be aware that the images may have copyright issues.

merci beaucoup, louise, for sharing such powerful information! Much success to Art+Ghost and hoping for an equitable resolution...)

bonne nuit...

xoxo jo ;)

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