Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quest Twenty Eight...I Heart your ORNAMENTS...

...Just a Quick-NEWS FLASH...
one of the things I adore are HEARTS...simple pictures, paintings, photos, creations of perfect hearts...you name it...in fact, down below on the righthand side of this on-line journal of mine is a slideshow from flickr all about 'HEARTS'...

this morning, I was checking my page and my eyes caught these pictures of beautiful red + cream hearts on tree branches...I simply adore photos and plus hearts...oh, was I on a high...I had to click on it to see where these pretty lil' hearts were coming from and well...I stumbled on this amazing artist's flickr pages and basically going ga-ga over her photos of these amazing hearts...

(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth of Quest Twenty Eight)
(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth of Quest Twenty Eight)

Elizabeth has a wonderful blog called Quest Twenty Eight . Her photos are crisp and simply delightful to look at. She's an artist/designer from the UK and she features her own handmade creations (she likes to recycle materials and turn them into beautiful creations, paintings, illustrations, etc...), she also features a variety of different UK artists/designers and a fun 'Word of the Day' post on her blog.
Elizabeth also just opened her Etsy Shoppe called QUEST 28
Right now, she has these beautiful hearts in her shoppe.
These hearts are made of old children encyclopedia pages then crocheted with fabulous colours from you'll never guess...a SWEATER!!!

Elizabeth is entering these beauties in the Folksy Angel Competition (Please vote for your favourite on Dec. 1st to Dec. 3rd at the Folksy Angel Blog ! I think you know who MY FAVOURITE IS! If you want to see some of the other entries check it out here also the most popular photo will be made into Greeting cards and sold at Folksy and at We Make Christmas...how COOOOL is that?!!!):

Here's what Folksy Angel Competition is all about:

"We’re running a competition called “Folksy Angels”. This has no reference to the gaudy 70s ‘Charlie’ variety but to a new breed of metrosexual dudey doers, i.e. you. To see the competition brief in all its glory go to the flickr group Folksy Angels. If you can’t be bothered to do that and want to know the basics here they are:

~Create a Christmas (or Hannukah or any other wintry, celebratory festival) decoration using recycled or upcycled materials (majority)
~Submit you thing as an image on the Flickr group Folksy Angels
~Add a description on the item about what it’s made with and why you made it
~Entries close on the 30th November
~We’ll start a blog post on the 1st Dec where your comment will act as your vote on the item. ~Voting will close at midnight on the 3rd
~The winner gets free listings and no commission from sales on Folksy for A WHOLE YEAR starting 1st January 2009 and ending 31st December 2009. In addition to this the winning entry will become part of the special Promotional Goodie bag given away as a prize at the We Make Christmas raffle.
~The most popular photographs will also be made into Greetings Cards which will be available for sale via Folksy and at We Make Christmas. "

If I didn't have so much going on, I'd love to join...maybe next year! But if you have some time, why not join in on the fun?! Check it out here.

Go check her blog out to see how she made these beauties...she can also create custom orders! So perfect for the holidays, Valentine's Day or just ANY or EVERY DAY...
Please visit her world and learn a new word or just relax and enjoy art + design from the UK!
Or simply visit her shoppe and check out her beautiful creations!

xoxo jo ;)

To help me organize my upcoming weeks here's a weekly reminder for myself:

My Weekly To Do List:

~working on editing some pics (about Fantasmagorique goodies, Autumn Swap, Philippa Gregory, lil' hostess gifts received from special hearts this past fall-whew!) to post here soon
~working on some custom orders
~working on some sunshine cards for
my sis' Follow Your Bliss Ning Sunshine Club'
~working on 27 links to post for the Marie Antoinette Award
~creating a vintage stocking + lil' surprises for Rhondamum
~working on cookie swap recipe + baking cookies for Tangee
~working on Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings for Thursday
~oh yes...getting ready to 'Deck the Halls' with lil' munchkins on Friday

Hoping you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


josephine said...

i agree! those hearts are so darling.

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, josephine! thank you so very much for visiting and for your sweet comments...i'm so in love with hearts. pia did that sweet complilation of 'heart that wanders', right? i can't wait for that book to come out and add that wonderful collection of obscure hearts to my favourite reads...by the way, thank you so very much for taking the time to send your very thoughtful + sweet thank you to me...that truly meant alot to me...i'm so glad that you enjoyed everything...you're one fascinating person and it truly was a joy trying to find special things to comfort you this autumn...i always look forward to visiting your intriquing on-line journal...thank you for sharing such greatness with us! xo jo ;)