Thursday, November 20, 2008

You better watch out...

my lil' munchkins just finished performing their "Thanksgiving Feast" at School...who would've thought that I'd get so overly emotional when they started singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee...' this year (1st grade) they are Indians...2nd graders were Pilgrims...absolutely a heart warming treat to watch my lil' miracle babies singing their lil' hearts out 'Indians in the Forest...never make a sound...ssshhhh...' so darling!!!!! i'm sooo happy that tim & i were there...precious memories!

anyway, i know Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet...but we're gearing up for Christmas around here...lil' ones have been humming 'Jingle Bells, Rudy the red-nosed riendeer, Silent Night...' i just finished my itty bitty Vintage Christmas pages hosted by Callieflowergirl:

now, i'm working on my sis' Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap for my sweet + dear French Sister, Rhondamum . i'm so very lucky to have her as my partner...i asked for an extension (i know...shame on me....but i want to make her some extra special things and i want to do a very good job for her!) Please visit Rhonda's blog if you love the French, Sweet Marie, to learn more about her beautiful creations or just to be amazed...please visit her! she is so sweet, adorable and quite BEAUTIFUL (inside + out) ...she gave me a very special award...Marie Antoinette Award...

i'm so honoured and absolutely thrilled that you even thought about me and are sharing this with me... (just curious, though...who creates these awards?!...anyway, i'm just so lucky to even receive yet another honoured, really...i still can't even believe someone thinks this blog or even i am even worthy of such an lucky am i????)

thank you sweet Rhonda from the bottom of my heart-you are one sweetheart and i adore you!!!! i absolutely love anything and everything French and Sweet Marie is one unique person that i think was quite misunderstood...i'm reading more about her life and truly feel she was not given a fair chance...

Here are the Rules for the Award:

1. Please put the logo on your blog- check
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award- check
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs- see below
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog- will work on this...
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them- will work on this...

y'know, i just started this on-line journal this past summer and i'm still trying to get my feet wet out there. there are so many worthy blogs out there that truly deserves this award...but for now, i am going to dedicate this award to all the 27 BEAUTIFUL CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS of our Sweet Marie-Pour l'amour du Francais Itty Bitty Book Swap that we have just completed about 2 weeks ago...once i find more time, i will post all 27 links soon... (i can do that, right? said to 'Nominate AT LEAST 7 or MORE blogs...' hmmm....wonder if i'm breaking some rules...oh well, rules were went to be broken! hee-hee!)

will write all 27 links soon!

(to all those who have so sweetly sent their love my way, i am basking in the joy you've sent...thank you so much for visiting me and always sending such sweetness my way! i will try to send replies to your comments/questions soon...esp. to those sweethearts that would love to swap with me...i've just got to get through the next 3 swaps and clear my calendar...will send e-mails to you soon...)

(pps...for those kind hearts that sent me beautiful hostess gifts for the Sweet Marie itty bitty book swap...WOW!!! Thank you from my heart to truly warmed my heart and LOVE, simply LOVE everything you sent to me...esp. all the MAGNIFICENT French items, Eiffel Towers oh, the beauty you've shared with me has touched me deeply! THANK YOU!!!!!!)

bonne nuit, xoxo jo ;)


Gracie said...

Aww Jo this is just too wonderful! You truly make the most beautiful items. There is so much love and detail. I think that anyone who receives something from you are so blessed.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments. They truly make my day! Hehe to the 'great legs' comment. Thank you! Your such a sweetheart!

I'm sure you would have had a great time watching your little ones perform. It's always so nice to see children perform (and can be funny too!)

As for sponsoring a should one day. It's really rewarding. I sponsor my girl through Compassion. I received my first letter from her a few weeks ago and it was so exciting! She can't write yet but she draw me a sweet little picture. She's so precious =)

Eee! It will be fun to swap with you in the future. Or even penpals too xox

Labour of Love said...

Sweet Gracie!!! Thank you so very much for always gracing (no pun intended-hee-hee!)my pages with your kind + loving comments...I enjoy creating things with lots of LOVE...esp. putting a lil' smile on someone's face is the best reward ever...sometimes my art/creations can be understated but I sorta like it simple but with touches of sweetness, do you know what I mean?!
Oh, you're truly welcome about my comments...I mean every word of it...esp. the "legs!" You're GORGEOUS and I could only imagine listening to your voice...with your 'Aussie' accent...I'd just MELT!
Yes, their Thanksgiving feast concert was precious...I could only imagine what the winter recital is going to be like...lots of tissue will be on hand! Oh yes...I'd love to sponsor a child...I LOVE children...I won't be able to have anymore of my own and my heart still aches for the my lil' sweet Angel Sinead in Heaven...I'll write to you to find out more info(send me your snail addy through my flickr e-mail -let's be PEN PALS-would LOVE TO receive letters and sweetness from you!!!!!!!!!!!!) xoxoxo jo ;)