Monday, November 17, 2008

C'est Si Bon...Sweet Marie...

(sorry for again being MIA...been sooooooo busy...and have so much to show + tell...but first, i only have time to show you this slideshow...will share so much more later in a different post...)

here's a lil' slideshow of our amazing Sweet Marie-Pour l'amour du Francais itty bitty book collaborative. 27 amazing artists lovingly created pages about Sweet Marie Antoinette or anything French. simply magnifique!!! merci beacoup to all the beautiful artists that truly created one-of-a-kind sis, Mary Ann is an angel! she helped me tremendously by binding every page into these lovely itty bitty books, packaged up the books and favours and sent them to all the gorgeous soules who made this book simply AMAZING!!!enjoy!

as always...thank you so much for stopping by!

Until next time...bonne nuit!
xoxo jo ;)


Nerissa said...

Oh my! Now I'm really kicking myself for not joining in. Absolutely STUNNING :)

Labour of Love said...

thank you so much, Nerissa, for visiting and for your sweet comments! wish you were in this book too...(maybe next time?)but totally undertand about being swamped with swapping (hey, try to say that 10 times-FAST!)...that's why i took pics of the just would be a shame not showing the world about the fascinating artists and their work regarding Sweet Marie...keeping our fingers crossed that Somerset will be able to showcase this wonder in their 'call for Marie art work'...xoxo jo ;)