Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Grandma's House we go...

Wishing you and your family the most Happiest and Wonderful Thanksgiving ever!!!

(created by me at
Going to Grandma's house this about trying this on for size?
Wish I could afford some of those lovely items...hmm Christmas is coming,
nah...way too expensive...just gives you neat ideas... Sweet friend Gracie of Gracie Bella Butterfly (sweet Aussie gal who is an artist that creates paper sweetness...she also has a beautiful shoppe with some of her beautiful paper stationaries and other delicious items.
I love Gracie because she's so wise beyond her years! She travels to wonderful places and she has such a loving she's absolutely gorgeous...both inside and out! I have learned alot from her (she has so many goals and inspiring!) and I am so grateful that she's entered my world...
in one of Gracie's posts, she introduced me to this fab site called (merci beaucoup, sweet Gracie!!!!!!) where you can design away just about on anything you'd like (Reya, this is the site I've been clamouring about!). It started out for designing fashion pages and now it's grown to interiors and art+expression. I'm totally addicted and I've been having fun with it. I LOVE POLYVORE! I'm sure you will too...if you have time, please check them out, have some fun and create away! Polyvore is a finalist in the Open Web Award . Please vote for them here. I sure did!!!

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Gracie said...

Ohh Jo thank you for this post!! You are the sweetest, loveliest most thoughtful person. I'm glad you have fun with polyvore.
You are so encouraging and beautiful yourself with all your words. I'm so thankful I was able to 'meet' you.
Hehe the weather here is beautiful. I think Brisbane has the best weather.
Ohh you and the little ones must have had a great time putting your decorations up. I hope you post pictures up of Christmas decos. I hope to put more photos up.
Ahh yes, typhoons and monsoons that does sound like the Philippines. I'm glad no one was hurt.
Aww thank you! I love fairytales so I have a few ideas brewing.
Let's hope there will be some good news =p I'm sure to blog about it!
And I also love the heart decos from the previous post. They are gorgeous!! xox