Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 10 Full Bodied...

Day 10

"Full Bodied" (check out more Full Bodied interpretations here)

Today we have to "Dial up our senses."

Art is everywhere. Everywhere you look, feel, smell, touch can be considered art.

But does everyone take the time to take all the "Art" in?

It's a bit hard when you have so many responsibilities but if you really take the time to "smell the roses," you might be pleasantly surprised.

That's what I did today...I had to take my sweet lil' Peanut to the Hospital for some testings regarding her bone development.

Who would've thought that you'd find a sweet oasis like this by a Hospital?

"Full Bodied" original photograph

"Full Bodied Garden of Life" digitally 'craqueled'

"Full Bodied Clouds" original photo

"Full Bodied Clouds" digitally altered

"Vintage Full Bodied Peony" digitally altered

"Faded Full Bodied Peony" digitally altered

"Full Bodied Peony" original photography

"Full Bodied Bunny Love Clouds" digitally altered

"Full Bodied Clouds" original photo

Art is everywhere. Ever since I've been taking this on-line class, I've noticed that I've been carrying my camera around with me everywhere I go.

I'm taking a lot more pictures of things I see everyday.

I'm noticing more. I'm creating more. I'm grateful for this class.

That's a good thing.

bonne nuit


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