Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 9 Drizzle

Day 9
Today is trying to understand how it all art came into my life.
Getting back to the basics.
I loved magazines. I loved looking at all the gorgeous photographs. The design,
the layouts, the typography. The colours, the objects, the dreams.
As a kid, it didn't occur to me that I loved photography.
I think it was until I became older, I realized how much I loved photography.
I was so busy creating a living and not living to create.
Everything was buried deep down inside of me until I had my beautiful children and it was
essential that I stay home and raise my beautiful family.
I think that was the defining moment when my creativity was unleashed.
I participated in several of my artist sister, Mary Ann's art swaps and wouldn't you
know that my hidden passions were evolving...
Today's prompt word is "Drizzle."
This was a hard one for me to get into.
I thought about the drizzling affect on food but I wanted something different.
I LOVE typography and how words can push you to do things...then I was
thinking about how words "Drizzle" all over my life...all over your life...all over everyone's lives...
that's when I came up with the above art word play:
"Words Drizzle, Radiate Ideas, Zeal, Zest, Life and Energy"~ jo

This sprinkling water pond "Drizzles" many droplets of water. That's how I feel "Words" can do: "Drizzle" out many meanings to life.

Today we are suppossed to do something different. I created the word art play, doodled and had my sweet daughter colour one of the pictures. We had a blast! Hope you did to!

bonne nuit

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